Home Workout Challenge for body and mind FEATURED (2) guided meditation with maude hirst

Home Workout Challenge for body & mind: guided meditation for positive thinking – week one, day five

Maude Hirst

Follow our four week home workout challenge for body and mind. Day five brings you a guided meditation for positive thinking with Healthista Collective expert Maude Hirst, founder of Energy Rise – #positivevibesonly

Welcome back to our new four week workout challenge for your body and mind – it’s time to take on day five.

From HIIT workouts to yoga and guided meditation, we have got your ‘new year, new you’ kick start sorted, to help improve not just your physical well-being but your mental health too.

we have got your ‘new year, new you’ kick start sorted

That’s why Healthista has teamed up with a handful of fitness and wellbeing experts to help you with some home workout inspiration including personal trainers, yoga teachers and guided meditation experts.

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For day five and to finish off your first week of our new challenge, Maude Hirst takes us through a guided meditation session for positive thinking – something we all need to help us with our January Blues.

Maude is trained in yoga, meditation, intuitive movement meditation, Theta Healing and Reiki and has created her own wellness company EnergyRise. Plus Maude is an actress on popular TV show Vikings!

Discovering yoga and meditation has totally changed her life for the better and she believes it can do the same for you.

At a time where there is more stress and anxiety in the world than ever before, Maude believes mindfulness and positive thinking is the key to bringing some calm and clarity to your life through simple practices. Empowering you to listen to what truly makes you happy and who you truly are.

Guided meditation for positive thinking:

Find yourself a comfortable seated or lying down meditation position of your choice, against a wall for support or even seated on a chair and find your stillness.

Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath to start, Maude will take you through a guided meditation that focuses on your breath, thoughts and feelings before helping you to let go of any negative energy.

All you need is ten minutes, so get comfy and let’s begin.

Home Workout Challenge for body & mind: REST DAY – week one, days six and seven

Goals to achieve:

  • Complete 15,000 steps
  • Avoid unhealthy food choices
  • Get good quality sleep (8 hours)

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