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4 detox products celebrities swear by

celebrity detox skin slider, Give your skin an A-list detox by healthista

Does your skin need a new year detox? Take a leaf out of an A-lister’s book and try one of these fast skin fixes

Skin starting to look a little bit drab and dry this winter? We’ve turned to celebrities from Michelle Keegan to Miranda Kerr to find out the products they use to give their skin that year-round glow.

The mineral bath salts Liv loves

Liv Tyler explains that when she wants to give her skin a little bit of care she takes a long, nice soak in the bath. ‘I have a hot bath with tons of salts and oils. I love Kneipp joint and muscle mineral bath salts; they’re intense’ she said. As well as being good for your skin, giving your body a good old soak is an amazing way to give your mind and body a bit of a break. Bath salts and oils can help relax muscles and joints and have even been used as home treatments for health problems from ingrown toenails to arthritis.

Liv Tyler, Give your skin an A-list detox by healthista
Liv Tyler attending the 21st Annual critics choice awards

Kneipp joint and muscle mineral bath salts 

These salts are made of natural oils from cabreuva, rosemary and pine and have a high content of natural thermal brine salt, which is supposed to help exfoliate your body to give you smooth looking skin. The product is activated by hot water and according to Kneipp they help to tone and increase the elasticity of your skin.

joint and muscle soak, Give your skin an A-list detox by healthista

Available for £8.95 here.

The all round body moisturiser under a tenner

Michelle Keegan always has golden glowing skin and the product she says she owes it to isn’t as glamorous as you might think. ‘My new body moisturiser obsession is good old Bio Oil, I would say it is my must have product at the min… I use it everywhere face and body. This small product goes a long way and dries quickly so it’s great if you’re in a rush… it feels amazing on the skin. I know mums rave about it to combat stretch marks but it’s such a good all-rounder’ the northern beauty explained.

Michelle keegan, Give your skin an A-list detox by healthista
Michelle Keegan at the Pride of Britain Awards

Bio oil

As Michelle mentioned, Bio-Oil is a total mum’s favourite. It’s made to maximise skin elasticity to help and improve the appearance of stretch marks but can also be used as a great all round moisturiser. Bio-Oil combines ingredients such as vitamins A and E as well as essential oils. Bio-Oil also claim that their oil can help improve the appearance of scars, aging and dry skin.

bio oil, give your skin an A-list detox by healthista

Available for £8.05 here.

The AmAHzing overnight mask that saves Bella’s face

Supermodel Bella Hadid loves to take care of her crystal clear skin, but she likes to keep her beauty regime simple. On detoxing her skin she knows that hydrating the skin is key. ‘Kiehl’s hydrating mask is amazing.’ she told Allure magazine.

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Bella Hadid GQ, Give your skin an A-list detox by healthista
Bella Hadid at the GQ men of the year awards

Kiehl’s ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating mask

This mask from skincare super brand Kiehl’s is supposed to absorb and hold on to moisture in your skin for long lasting hydration. Ingredients include glacial proteins and desert plants which are supposed to leave skin smoother and softer and with any luck a little more supple by morning. The reason we love these products is because they’re silicone, paraben, fragrance and colorant free.

Kiehl's overnight mask, give your skin an A-list detox by healthista

Available here for £28.

The facial oil that gives good glow

Aussie model Miranda Kerr has talked about how she uses skin products with antioxidants to heal and repair her skin. ‘I like to wear rosehip oil at night,’ she says ‘It’s full of that many antioxidants and really worked on a cellular level to rejuvenate the skin – I put it on at night and I wake up glowing.’ Make a rosehip oil a part of your evening routine and wakeup looking like Miranda Kerr? We hope so.

Miranda Kerr, Give your skin an A-list detox by healthista
Miranda Kerr at the 22nd Annual Elle Women in Hollywood Awards

Trilogy certified organic rosehip oil

This oil claims to use essential fatty acids such as omegas 6 and 9 as well as vitamins to moisturise, soften and smooth your skin. These ingredients are supposed to restore your skin to make it radiantly healthy and give it a gorgeous glow. This product is best for the glow factor but it’s also used to treat dry and dehydrated skin, ageing skin as well as uneven skin tone.

organic rose hip oil, Give your skin an A-list detox by healthista

Available to buy for £19.99 here.

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