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Best winter running gear you need right NOW

It’s freezing right? That makes winter running kit essential. So don’t forgo your run, just get layered up. Vanessa Chalmers selects the best to help you get out and avoid the freeze, the chaffing and the damp

The Met Office have been issuing some severe weather warnings recently – snow, gales, and rain. If that makes you feel down in the dumps, don’t let your outdoors fitness regime suffer. Throw on some cold weather running gear and get outside, and you are soon to warm up and feel good.


pink soda, winter running kit essentials, by healthista

Healthista adores Pink Soda kit. If you’re feeling a brave, this statement Longsleeve Fitness Top is ideal for breaking a sweat in the cool night air. It’s made from sweat-wicking fabric, which draws moisture from the body to the outside of shirt where it can evaporate quicker, keeping you dry and cool. When wearing, the top has a contoured and flattering fit, with the gorgeous Pink Soda silver holographic heart diamond in the corner. A sturdy black zip at the front will keep your neck warm, as well as thumbholes for coverage. Extra details include slim reflective strips down the side of the wrists, but the fluorescent pink will draw heads itself.

Pink Soda Longsleeve Fitness Top, now £20


adidas zen hoodie, winter running kit essentials, by healthista

This black full zip hoodie is designed for pre-match comfort for sports players, or street to gym wear, but it works nicely for a short jog in the brisk weather. The funnel neck, which can zip right up to the chin, and double layered hood will keep the weather elements out. As well as this, the cuffs have thumb holes, so really will keep snug. The zip pockets are deep, able to keep small possessions safe.

Our tester says: ‘I often run in fields, where I am open to large gusts of wind. The Adidas hoodie is fitted in all the right places – around the neck and ears, but allows free movement without feeling heavy or baggy. I love the large pockets; you can put your phone in there and it will go unnoticed because they are so deep. The material is thick, so it’s not the right attire for a long distance run, but kept me just warm until I had finished my light run’.

Adidas Z.N.E Hoodie, £50


2xu hyoptik reflective running tights, winter running kit essentials, by

2XU have some great leggings for combating the winter, including thermal and wind defence. The Hyoptik Tights uses compression technology, like many of 2XU wear, which wraps and supports the leg and bottom muscles to prevent soreness and fatigue, so you can train harder and more frequently. They have a subtle criss-cross reflective pattern for visibility in lowlight, a safe workout essential this time of year. The material is moisture wicking, to keep you dry, as well as antibacterial.

Hyoptik Tights, £75


boudavida, resolve jacket, winter running kit essentials, by healthista

The resolve jacket comes from a new active-wear brand, who’s mantra is ‘designed by real women for real women’. Helping others get inspired to keep active, Boudavida want to make you feel confident and fashionable whilst in workout gear. The resolve jacket is the most sophisticated of lightweight jackets for winter weather Healthista has set their eyes upon. It comes in a black or white colour with rose gold detailing on the zips up the front, for the hands, and security pocket behind. What we love is that it doesn’t scream ‘running jacket’ but has a less in-your-face style, while also doing its job of keeping you warm and well-ventilated. The fabric looks great and is fast drying with moisture-wicking, and slightly stretchy to allow movement. It looks amazing with jeans and skirts too so it’s a stylish addition to your wardrobe, let alone gym kit.

Resolve Jacket, £90


under armour running shoes with tracking, winter running kit essentials, by

Runners need to understand their performance and recovery. With the incredible new Under Armour Speedform trainers, in three variations, you can do just this, with tracking technology. Behind the smart shoes is MapMyRun app, where you can find the details of your run, plus workout stats such as cadence , real-time pace, and the overall mileage lifetime of the shoe. Each pair is calibrated to the owner; by using a jump test (Jump Around), where the sensors in the shoes measure and average the air time of a sequence of jumps. With the data recorded, this test can then be used to check muscle fatigue, and suggest workout intensity. Awesome!

As for the fabric specifics, the mesh delivers a light and breathable fit, the embedded sockliner and compressed foam for cushioning comfort, and high-abrasion rubber under the heael to help absorb ground contact – great for those whose joints suffer from impact.

Available for preorder, from $139.99US (it’s an


winter running kit essentials, rohan merino hooded top, by

Merino wool is naturally antibacterial, and has an ability to regulate the temperature. The Rohan Merino Union hoodie combines the merino wool and fast-drying properties of polyester for an extra layer on a chilly run. Slip on over other clothes to keep you warm – but not hot – as your body heat rises. The fabric is very lightweight, and so allows freedom of movement, and you can easily pack it and take elsewhere colder. Without being tight, the hooded top is fitted so it doesn’t feel bulky or flap around in the wind, with the hood giving an extra little coverage over the ears.

Rohan Merino Union 150 Hooded Top, now £35


winter running kit, nike running gloves, by

No matter how intense the run, your hands will stay cold. Avoid this, and dry skin, with Nike’s running gloves. Crafted with Therma-FIT fabric for insulation, they have been specially designed for a tight fit, with a fleece cuff at the wrists, and a little wriggle to get your hands in. Extra points go to Nike for the grip texture and touch-screen enabling material around the thumb and forefinger, so whipping out your phone and choosing a track on the go isn’t such an ordeal.

Nike Element Thermal Running Gloves, £18


winter essential running kit, earmuffs by healthsita.comGetting the balance of warmth on a cold run is trial and error, but earmuffs are perfect for keeping your ears warm without a hat. Even better when they come with built in audio, such as KitSound’s. It fits iPhone, iPod, and MP3’s with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can listen to your upbeat tunes whilst on the go. The cable-knit material on the headband will keep you snug, adjustable to fit your head.

KitSound Audio Plain Knit Earmuffs, £4.99


silversocks winter running kit essentials by

Are your runners getting a little smelly? Keep odours at bay with Silversocks, made with pure silver threads. These act as a natural heat thermostat, and keep the feet warm when the temperature drops, without making them sweat, and cool in the summer. The socks never lose their antibacterial properties over time, stopping the growth of odour-causing bacteria from winter to winter. They are particularly helpful for people suffering with conditions such as poor circulation, chilblains, and diabetes, made to meet the needs of patients at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The Original Silversock, £12 for two pairs


shoe deodoriser, winter running kit essentials, by healthista

Bamboo charcoal is the focus of many health care products right now, for its natural useful properties. Carnation’s Footcare Shoe Deodorise Pouches allow your trainers to remain fresh, using the moso bamboo charcoal to absorb moisture if it’s been a paritculary wet run, and neutralise any smells.  The pouches can be used for up to a year, just be ‘charging’ them in the sunlight for 2 hours a month. Goodbye damp dog smelling shoes drying under the radiator.

Shoe Deodoriser Pouches, £6.99




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