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Champagne that makes you skinny? We’re loving it

Champagne that makes you skinny? Well, not exactly but it won't be making you fat - with sparkling skinny wines from 60 calories a glass, Thomson & Scott has definitely got the Healthista seal of approval

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Temple of Hackney Review: Vegan fried chicken – are they serious? Healthista writer Ony Anukem tried it

London’s only Vegan fried Chicken shop opened on Saturday 14th January 2017 and the hype on line has been crazy. Healthista’s Ony Anukem went to chick’ out whether the taste really matched the hype … London’s array of restaurants and takeaway shops is second to none, and recently there has been a push to be […]

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10 gourmet teas that will make you rethink your builder’s brew

Gourmet tea with a unique twist is shaking up British tradition, and Healthista is sharing the best ten on International Tea Day...

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9 best organic wines

Three glasses of wine a week has just been found to significantly reduce diabetes – result! For the healthiest choice, Healthista rounds up the best nine organic wines If you needed another reason to love wine, check this – it can significantly protect against diabetes. According to a new study, which looked at more than […]



How many units of alcohol are really in your drink?

Confused about units of alcohol? So were we. W've constructed a guide to how many units are in your favourite drinks and guess what? Baileys and Prosecco come out pretty well - we'll drink to that!


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How to get more protein in your diet

Are you getting enough protein? Ever wondered what is the most effective way on how to get more protein in your diet? Don’t let those hours of exercise get wasted. Nutritionist Rick Hay reveals all. Rick Hay is a big believer in plant based proteins when it comes to finessing your plate, but it doesn’t end there. To create […]