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Looking for permanent weight loss Top dietitian says answer lies in your DNA FEATURED


Looking for permanent weight loss? Top dietitian says answer lies in your DNA

Registered dietitian Rachel Clarkson reveals how a DNA test can tell us exactly what we should and shouldn't be eating to look and feel our best


Sea salt VS table salt – what’s best?

A survey has found 16 per cent of people think rock and sea salt is better for you than regular table salt. But is there any truth in that? Dietician Azmina Govindji gets us sorted on salt


Could a sugar detox retreat help combat your sweet tooth?

Planning to give up sugar for 2019? Writer Sharon Walker tried a sugar detox retreat in Somerset to see it getting away from home would make it easier...

fermenting foods, a step by step guide for beginners, alana holloway, by healthista (2)


Fermenting foods at home: A step by step guide

A beginner's guide to fermenting foods at home by founder of new subscription box, Fermented by LAB

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7 gluten free baking tips from Instagram’s biggest GF baker

Gluten free baking isn't as daunting when you are equipped with the essentials. Top Instagrammer Laura Strange from My Gluten Free Guide reveals her baking tips and what's in her pantry

Give me some Shuga- MTV Shuga is back with season 5 tackling HIVAIDs in a captivating way, by

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MTV’s Shuga series is back with season 5 tackling HIV/AIDs in a captivating way

Award-winning drama series, MTV Shuga, is back with season five. Shuga has been successfully highlighting issues affecting young people in Africa for the past eight years. Healthista's Ony Anukem attended the London premiere