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7 easy hair growth tips for long, luscious locks

7 easy hair growth tips for long, luscious locks MAIN

Wish you could have a ‘good hair day’ everyday? These easy hair growth tips include getting some key nutrients and changing a few everyday habits and they work

Healthy-looking hair is often seen as a sign of health and beauty. Long hair, thick hair, glossy hair, whatever your preference, people love to have beautiful flowing locks.

Hair is the fastest growing natural tissue in the human body and like every other part of your body, your hair needs a variety of nutrients in order to be healthy and to grow.

While factors such as age, genetics and hormones determine hair growth and the speed of hair growth, consuming the right amount of nutrients is key and a consistent supply of energy is needed in order for our hair to grow.


‘Even though our hair is the fastest growing natural tissue in our bodies, hair is a non-essential tissue,’ reveals Healthista’s Nutritional Director Rick Hay – that means your hair isn’t exactly top the the priority list when it comes to nutrient distribution.

As well as a possible lack of key nutrients our hair also has to deal with everyday stresses such as pollution, hair dryers, straighteners, colour treatments, social media expectations, rain and wind can impact the health of our hair.

‘Maintaining the health of hair is so important, especially when we put it through frequent stresses of heat styling, colour processing and environmental factors such as pollution and UV rays, which can become damaging,’ says Patrick Wilson, Perfectil Beauty Panel Expert and celebrity hair stylist.

Therefore, it is important to provide the body with sufficient vitamins and nutrients, to give your hair the best possible chance to grow and thrive.

‘It can be difficult to give your hair all the nutrients it needs through diet alone, which is where supplements can help, adds Hay. As well as supplements, a few lifestyle changes can also benefit your hair.

Here are 7 tips that will help you get the luscious hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Easy hair growth tip #1 Rinse your hair with cold water after washing

There is nothing nicer than a hot and steamy shower while you wash your hair with delicious smelling shampoo and conditioner, especially during the colder months of the year.

But apparently our hair doesn’t exactly like the hot water as much as we do. Indeed, Perfectil Hair Crush professionals suggest that after washing and conditioning, we should rinse our hair in cold water as this will help close the cuticles and promote a healthier shine.


Easy hair growth tip #2 Use heat protection spray when styling your hair

Nowadays, hair just isn’t as glam unless it’s been blow-dried to perfection or styled with every hair appliance you can get your hands on.

But you don’t need me to tell you that repeatedly using heated appliances will damage your hair and could cause it to look dull.

If you do style your hair frequently, its a good idea to invest in a heat protection spray which you can use before using any heated appliances. This will help reduce the chance of damage to your hair.

Easy hair growth tip #3 Eat a healthy balanced diet

A healthy diet is key to help every part of the body function well, and that includes your hair.

Fruits, veggies, wholewheat goods, beans, pulses, protein, fibre – a diet dull of these foods will provide you with all the nutrients you need, but if you want to improve the health of your hair even further then there are a couple of nutrients and vitamins you should aim to consume more of.

You may want to up your vitamin C intake. As soon as anyone hears the words vitamin C they think of lemons and other citrus fruits as these contain high levels of vitamin C.

One of vitamin C’s major functions is to help produce and maintain healthy collagen, the connective tissue found within hair follicles. Without vitamin C, our body struggles to synthesize collagen.

‘Vitamin C is known for it’s immune system benefits,’ exclaims Hay. ‘Vitamin C also helps to create collagen, which is an important part of our hair structure’.


Easy hair growth tip #4 Sleep on a silk pillow case

Do you often wake up in the morning and your frizzy hair looks like you just stuck your finger in a socket?

Well, sleeping on luxurious silk pillowcase can help keep that bed head under control.

The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, will help to reduce friction on your hair which can often cause damage, such as spilt ends.

Easy hair growth tip #5 Soak your hair in clean water before going swimming

If part of your weekly exercise routine is to have a swim then Perfectil suggest that you firstly soak your hair in clean water. That means before you swim, step under the shower and soak your hair through so it’s completely saturated.

Why is this necessary I hear you ask? Doing this will help your hair absorb less chlorine.

You see, your hair can only hold so much water, so if you really soak it in clean water before you go swimming, it will soak up less of the damaging chlorine pool water.


Easy hair growth tip #6 Take a supplement that contains key hair boosting ingredients

One of the best known vitamins for hair growth is a B-vitamin called biotin.

You should also look for supplements containing selenium and zinc which also contributes to the maintenance of normal hair.

As well as biotin, other B vitamins are also important. There are eight B vitamins, collectively called B complex vitamins.

They are thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), biotin (B7), folate (B9) and cobalamin (B12).

‘These B-vitamins help create red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles, which are important processes for hair growth,’ Hay explains.

Biotin can be found predominantly in eggs, bananas, milk, nuts and seeds. Egg yolks are extremely biotin-rich with one whole, cooked egg providing up to 10 micrograms. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for biotin is 50 micrograms daily.

Your body cannot store these vitamins for long periods, which means you have to replenish them regularly through a varied diet (or loads and loads of eggs) or an easier way to get your daily allowance of biotin is through supplementation.


Perfectil Hair Crush Gummies are a naturally flavoured gummy supplement with plenty of vitamins and nutrients that will provide all the nourishment your hair needs including 150 micrograms of biotin.

It is often said that ‘beauty starts from within’, that’s why the nutritional experts who created Perfectil, have developed a natural mixed berry flavoured gummy supplement to nourish your hair from the inside out.

‘I love Perfectil Plus Hair because its packed with key ingredients to provide nutritional support to nourish hair from the inside out, helping to keep it in optimal condition,’ says Patrick Wilson.

This chewable gummy (that’s basically a delicious treat and supplement combined) is ideal for those who don’t like swallowing tablets.

Not only do these gummies provide you with all the vitamins and nutrients that are mentioned above, but they also provide you with a whole host of others, a total of 21 to be exact.

These nutrients include: biotin, selenium and zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair, copper which contributes to normal hair pigmentation, riboflavin (vit. B2) and niacin (vit. B3) which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin, as well as, amino acids, grape seed extract, horsetail extract and Co-Q10.

It’s basically a healthy treat that’s good for hair – we are obsessed.

Perfectil Hair Crush Gummies, £19.95 for 60 tablets are available in mixed berry flavour and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Chew two to three per day with your main meal. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

Available from Boots, supermarkets, pharmacies and health stores and online at

Easy hair growth tip #7 Have regular hair cuts

Split ends? Is your hair breaking off? Well bad news folks, if your hair is breaking at the ends then it won’t ever be able to grow past a certain length – especially not without looking very wispy and out of control.

That’s why it’s important to have regular hair cuts, or just a trim if you want to keep the length. This will promote hair growth and your hair is guaranteed to look healthier, even if you do just get a trim.

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