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13 best winter running kit must-haves

winter-running best winter running kit by healthista

Gearing up for a cold, dark run now that the weather is changing? Healthista rounds up the best winter running kit to get you through

Do you love to run? And love ANY excuse for new kit? Yep, us too. That’s why we’ve put together a roundup of the best running kit for winter 2017. And while the cold and dark days might be tempting us to stay at home, this gorgeous kit will definitely be convincing us to head straight out into the frosty morning. Wrap up warm and get training now and you’ll be one step (or sprint) ahead of everyone else next race season. If you’ve just been confirmed at next year’s London Marathon (and even if you haven’t) tune in because this kit will 100 percent end up on your Autumn/Winter wishlist.

The hat: Ronhill Women’s Bobble Hat

ronhill-bobble-hat best winter running kit by healthista

Is it really winter if you’re not wearing a bobble hat? Designed specifically for cold weather training this hat is made from a knitted fabric that has been engineered to help you regulate your temperature – it’s double layered and has a soft fleece lining band which the brand says will not only just warm you up but also makes the hat feel super comfortable against your head. And double layers help to keep your head nice and toasty. Reflective details on this hat also mean that your head will be a shining beacon during your run – safety first ladies.

Ronhill Women’s Bobble Hat is available from here.

The bra: F&F Active Ultimate Run Bra

sports-bra F&F best winter running kit by

Bouncy runs can be tricky, so it’s important to equip yourself properly. We love this bra from F&F for its super reasonable price tag and dedication to bust support. The brand says they have bounce control tested this bra (which has us wondering who’s job that is) and it has been created specifically to cater for running and high impact activity – aka it will seriously strap you safely down for the ride. The bra features encapsulation panels that will support the bust, a clasp fastening for upper back support. A wide underband and wide gel padded straps have been added to the bra to make it comfy. Ventilated mesh panels in the centre and around the top of the cups will help your two running buddies breathe a little. Plus the fabric of this bra is made from quick-drying fabric – phew! Reflective trimmings on this bra mean its also going to give us a helping light-up-in-the-dark-look on our early morning/evening runs.

F&F Active Ultimate Run Bra is available for £16 from Tesco here.

The bag: Sweaty Betty Luxe Run Backpack

Running to work this winter? Having an excuse to buy this beautiful backpack makes us seriously tempted to. This bag from Sweaty Betty is made from lightweight scuba style fabric which has padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. Plus it has a water pack compartment with hollow straps for a water tube – hooray for not having to stop to unzip our bag and go rooting every time our mouth gets dry. The bag has six different compartments with special areas to store your laptop and phone. Plus, with this dreamy classic design, we’d happily take this bag from run to post-work drinks.

Sweaty Betty Luxe Run Backpack is available for £90 from Sweaty Betty here.

The body warmer: Nike Aeroloft Running Gilet

gilet-nike best winter running kit by

While a bodywarmer isn’t the trendiest of pieces of clothing, we’re convinced that with this Nike gilet hugging our midsections we’d be able to face the cold with a lot more determination than without it. Nike says the gilet will provide both warmth and breathability. How? A water-repellent finish on the body helps keep rain out (keeping you warm and dry) and the front layer features sections of 800-fill down insulation – even this fill has a water-repellent finish which the brand says will help repel moisture. And if that still sounds hot and sticky to you, the gilet also has perforations between the insulated sections and throughout the back which helps air flow through so that your body heat can escape – helping you to cool down and regulate your body temperature. Running in windy conditions? To help keep the wind from hitting the front of the body directly, a thin liner backs the front perforations. And if that’s not enough, when you overheat the gilet can be packed into a zipped pocket and held with an attached strap – the super sports brand really has thought of everything!

Nike Aeroloft Running Gilet is available for £129.95 from Nike here.

The gloves: Ronhill classic running gloves

ronhill-gloves best winter running kit by healthista

You’re all wrapped up with a running jacket and warm leggings but what about those poor hands? Flapping about in the cold air, they need a little loving too. Healthista loves these classic gloves from Ronhill that aren’t too heavy to run in but will warm your hands up enough to keep you from running straight back inside to heat them up against a radiator. The gloves are made from a lightweight fabric that Ronhill calls Theramlite – they say the super warm fabric helps to regulate the temperature of your hands during intensive exercise. The gloves are sleek and stretchy and Ronhill says they are extra durable too. The fabric is fast-drying, because who wants sticky hands mid-run? And a double-layered cuff keeps your wrists toasty.

Ronhill classic running gloves are available from John Lewis for £10 here.

The reflective leggings: Puma Long Tight

puma-leggings best winter running kit by healthista

These super functional leggings from Puma are designed to offer protection against wind and cold (crucial with the approach of chilly winter) but also be breathable at the same time. The design isn’t just built to look pretty – the reflective print built into these leggings hides during the day but shines in the night for 360 degrees of visibility so you’ll be easily spotted from every angle in low light conditions. Vents have been strategically placed at the back of these leggings for improved air circulation in those places that you’ll overheat even in winter-time.

Puma Long Tights are available for £67.50 from Pro Direct running here. 

The jacket: Adidas Supernova Climaheat Wrap Jacket

addias-jacket best winter running kit by healthista

This stylish jacket has a beautiful sleek fit and reminds us of some kind of elegant costume from a sci-fi movie. Not only will you blend into the icy background this winter but you will be incredibly warm if you add this Adidas wrap jacket to your winter running kit. It’s not shaped like that just for the aesthetic – the off-centre zip and overlapping collar are created to offer optimum warmth (a bit like wrapping a blanket around yourself).The jacket is insulated using Adidas’ famous climaheat technology which they say uses hollow-core fibres inspired by natural fur to help the clothes trap more heat and dry faster. The thumbhole, fold-over glove design means your hands are kept away from the chill and a sweat-guard zip pocket will help you to keep your keys and card dry too. It’s good for the world too as the product was made as part of Adidas’ sustainable product program – the brand used recycles polyester to save resources and decrease emissions.

Adidas Supernova Climaheat Wrap Jacket is available for £74.95 from Adidas here.


The hoodie: Saucony Run Strong Hoodie

saucony-hoodie best winter running kit by healthista

We can’t wait to give this loose-fitting snug hoodie a try on our next chilly evening run. The hoodie is created with Saucony’s new Heatherun fabric – basically, a super soft fleecy material that they say feels great against your skin. The jumper features a scuba hood to keep your neck cosy and warm – the funnel neck is cinch-able to block the chill-out snd it features a zippered pocket on the hip to throw in your keys and phone. Reflective seams at the cuffs and across your back keep you visible when you’re running in the dark and extra long sleeves with thumb holes keep your hands toasty along the way. The loose fitting garment is extra-long at the back to keep you properly covered. We’d be quite happy lounging around the house in this comfy-looking sweater, nevermind gearing up for a workout.

Saucony Run Strong Hoodie available for £64.60 from Amazon here. 

The scarf: Buff Thermonet Neckwarmer

buff-scarf best winter running kit by healthista

This super practical neck-warmer from Buff is a brand new launch for the brand. Buff have updated their technology and introduced a new fabric that they call Thermonet. The fabric is built to help you retain body heat and they say the it’s four times warmer than regular microfiber. But the brand says it still maintains a lightweight feel which they say gives the multi-purpose scarf the perfect warmth-to-weight ratio. We’re ALL about lightweight kit – when you’re trying to improve your time, you don’t want heavy winter gear weighing you down. The fibres the new tech is made from are fast drying and supposedly direct your sweat away from the body so that you’ll maintain a steady body temperature in bitterly cold conditions.

Buff Thermonet Neckwarmer is available for £22.50 from Buff here.

The trainer: Saucony Koa ST Trail Shoe

saucony-winter-running best winter running kit trainers by

Okay, it’s not going to be easy matching these head-turning shoes to your outfit but these runners from Saucony are a fantastic functional fitness find. These technical shoes are designed specifically to look after your feet during runs in the worst kind of British weather. The mesh on the top part of these shoe help to keep your feet cool and dry as you run while also helping you to manage moisture (aka keep sweaty, sore feet at bay). Insoles are removable so that you can replace them with any medical orthotics you may have and a toggled quick lace makes these shoes seriously easy to scramble out of (the last thing you want to be doing after a wet, muddy run with cold hands). It also means you don’t have to stress about your laces coming undone mid-run. Saucony says their EVA midsole (three times more durable than Saucony’s usual cushioning) will make your run comfier and add extra energy return (which basically reduces the amount of energy lost by your shoe as you run). Plus a reinforced heel will strap you in and the shoes’ oblique toe box will add stability – Saucony say this allows your toes to splay out as much as they need so that your foot stays firm.

Saucony Koa ST Trail Shoe is available for £107.99 from here.

The top: Asics Long Sleeved Half Zip Jersey

asics-winter-running-kit best winter running kit by healthitsa

Winter is all about layering it up and where better to start than with a cosy zip-up jersey? We love this one from Asics and not just for the fun, pink fabric. This long sleeved top is made to be super lightweight and Asics say the addition of a zipper means that you can customise your own ventilation. Reflective branding detail adds even more to your glow in the dark look and the brand says the stretchy fabric moves with your body allowing you greater levels of flexibility and movement. This really is a wardrobe staple as not only will it serve you well in winter but it’ll be great without the layers as the weather starts to warm up next year (we love a good investment piece).

Asics Long Sleeved Half Zip Jersey is available for £42 from John Lewis here.

The foot warmer: Lululemon Get A Grip Socks

lululemon-get-a-grip-sock best winter running kit by healthista

Lululemon’s classic Get A Grip socks aren’t just for Pilates and Yoga lovers. The socks from the luxe fitness brand are made from breathable mesh and sweat-wicking yarns, keeping your feet dry and happy. Plus the way that the socks are constructed makes them extra lightweight and stretchy – making them ideal for any kind of sweaty business.

Lululemon Get a Grip Socks are available for £12 from Lululemon here.

The gadget: Garmin Forerunner 30

Garmin-Forerunner best winter running kit by healthista

This latest gadget from Garmin was launched at the end of last month and it seems their tech just keeps on getting more mind-boggling. The running watch has all your basic activity monitoring features – heart rate, speed and distance tracking. In between runs, it will record your steps, calories burned and even records your intensity minutes meaning it can track your progress even when you’re doing activities outside of running. It will categorise your other activities such as walking and cycling. Plus, a VO2 max measure will help you determine your fitness level. But it’s not just a tracker. Garmin says that this watch means that you really have no need to take your phone out on your run with you. Vibration alerts ring when you get incoming calls, voicemails and text messages. And while it’s nice to escape all that during a run, it is amazing that you can stay so easily connected without a bulky phone strapped to your arm. Throughout the day the gadget will automatically upload to Garmin Connect, a platform where users share their workouts with friends and family in real time, can join fitness challenges, analyze their training process and set track goals – phew! This smartwatch really does seem all-purpose.

Garmin Forerunner 30 GPS Running Watch is available for £129.99 from Amazon here.

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