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Joey Bull’s arm workout to get you guns fast

In Part 3 of the Body Design video workout series, using nothing but a yoga mat, a resistance band and some hand weights, leading fitness trainer Joey Bull brings you the ultimate arms workout – prepare for serious bicep-ery 

This workout strengthens the back of your arms, biceps, shoulders, back and chest through exercises using a resistance band, hand weights, and simple cardio on the yoga mat.


Part 1: Abs workout with Joey Bull

Part 2: Legs and bum workout with Joey Bull

Joey Bull is a four times fitness champion, fitness writer, internationa trainer, motivational speaker, former adventure athlete and classically trained dancer.

tidy the temple joey bullJoey is the creator of seven fitness DVDs, including most recently, 7 Day Shed Fat Burning Workout Plan – 6 Workouts & 1 Preparation Day £11.96 from Amazon. 

Joey’s Tidy The Temple can be purchased by Healthista readers at a £5 discount off the usual price (£14.99 instead of £19.99) by going to and entering the code JOEYSPROMOTION

Follow Joey on Twitter: @joeybullfitness

Find out more about Joey here


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