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SAF raw snacks – the super-healthy new snacks from pioneering raw vegan company

SAF raw snacks – the new gluten free, vegan products that we can’t get enough of are the latest offering from the company that made raw vegan food glamorous 

We’re super excited about the fact that raw, vegan-friendly company SAF have just launched an incredible new snack range. SAF Life, were pioneers of the raw food movement in London and this snack range is amongst the most delicious and purely natural raw vegan that we’ve tasted.

saf founder

SAF founder Ersin Pamuksüzer

According to SAF, founder Ersin Pamuksüzer was 50 years old he attended a detox programme for the first time in his life, after which he realised how amazing he felt. He had more energy, brighter skin and his digestive system and sleep were in control. At first, Pamuksüzer shared this experience with his friends and family but eventually created SAF to share his new health and wellness philosophy with the world. SAF restaurants opened in London and Berlin, as well as a casual restaurant in Wholefoods Kensington.

This company were way ahead of the trend when it comes to raw vegan foods (a favourite of Healthiest editor Anna Magee, was SAF in Shorditch, which is sadly no longer there) so we couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for us with this new snack range.

mint protein bites SAF, WE LOVE SAF raw snacks by healthista

Delicious minty pudding bites from SAF

Their new range has been developed to create unique flavour combinations and staying true to SAF style, the products are gluten-free and vegan. The range includes Chewy Protein Bites, Organic Pudding Bites, Organic Raw Choc Trail Mixes and Organic Coconut chips. We are huge fans of the bright and fun packaging of these products that seems to prove that vegan, raw foods are the coolest snacks right now.

saf mixed, WE LOVE saf raw snacks by healthista

The colourful Saf packaging is totally Insta-worthy

The snacks are high in protein and fibre and taste unbelievable – which means we get to enjoy a delicious mid-afternoon munch without the guilt that follows a usual stint to the biscuit tin. All of these snacks taste simply amazing but if we had to choose one that we can’t get enough of it’s the chocolate and salted caramel pudding bites. They are so sweet and tasty that we can’t quite believe they’re not bad for us. The bites crumble in your mouth and the salted caramel flavour is unbelievably spot on. Hints of banana and coconut also really come through in this snack – is it any wonder we can’t stop eating them?

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saf snacks salted caramel, WE LOVE saf raw snacks by healthista

Our all time favourites – SAF’s salted caramel pudding bites

Nutritious and using only natural sugars such as coconut sugar, maple syrup and brown rice syrup and featuring exciting raw superfood ingredients such as lucuma (the Chilean superfruitgetting a name for its anti-inflammatory properties), baobab (and African superfood with vitamin C, fibre and antioxidant levels off the scale) hemp protein and goji berries. SAF products also have a positive impact on the environment too as they’re produced within the UK at a facility in East London.

SAF always cook their snacks below 46 degrees celsius. This keeps the products raw and according to SAF preserves key nutrients and enzymes

The thing that sets SAF apart for us is the way that their snacks are made. The company uses sprouting and dehydrating techniques to cook they products at a temperature that is always below 46 degrees celsius. This keeps the products raw and according to SAF preserves key nutrients and enzymes that would normally be lost when the food is cooked at a high heat.

Saf green picture, WE LOVE Saf raw snacks by healthista

We loved the colours of the flavoured coconut chips

SAF Raw start £1.99 a bag at Planet Organic, Selfridges, As Nature Intended, Revital,
other premium department stores, independent whole food stores and you can also get some online now right here.

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