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Nicole Scherzinger looks hotter than ever – her PT reveals 7 key tips

Nicole Scherzinger and Paolo Mascitti Celeb PT MAIN

Nicole Scherzinger always looks unbelievably amazing. Healthista spoke exclusively to her Los Angeles PT Paolo Mascitti about exactly what it takes to rock that body 

Is it just me or does Nicole Scherzinger make headlines every single day? I mean it could be due to the fact that she’s the new judge down under on Australia’s Got Talent, or it could just be that she always looks sensational whenever she steps out the door.


Her busy schedule hasn’t stopped her hitting the headlines with how drop-dead gorgeous she looks.  Whether you want to be her or be with her, I bet you’re interested in how she always looks so hot?

Paolo Mascitti
Personal Trainer Paolo Mascitti. Credit: Leslie Alejandro

That’s why Healthista spoke to her Los Angeles personal trainer, Paolo Mascitti who has not only worked with Healthista fave Nicole, but also the gorgeous stars from Netflix series Lucifer; Tom Ellis and Lesley-Ann Brandt. Plus he has trained Hillary Duff, Miranda Otto, David Giuntoli and others.

If you are a frequent visitor of Nicole’s Instagram like we are (talk about stalkers), you may have noticed that Nicole’s recent workout videos are PT sessions with Paolo himself.

With 20 years experience as a PT and an impressive celeb client list, we couldn’t wait to ask Paolo for his top secrets on looking and feeling in tip top sexy shape. Here’s what he told us…

#1 HIIT training is best for torching calories

‘I always recommend HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training. HIIT workouts typically burn more calories in less time than most other cardio routines and due to the higher intensity your muscle shifts into Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) also known as the EPOC effect, where you continue to burn calories througout the day.

‘During this EPOC period your body burns additional calories at a higher rate to repair your muscles. This recovery keeps your metabolism boosted for hours after training.

‘A top favourite exercise of mine is a squat to overhead press. It’s a great total body compound exercise. It works your upper body, lower body and your core. Plus, it will give you a cardio workout as well’.

#2 Lift weights at least two to three times a week

‘As well as HIIT training, I would advise weight-training at least two to three times per week. It does depend on what you are trying to achieve as everyone has a mix of strengths and weaknesses, and everyone responds differently to various type of exercise combinations.

‘I am a big fan of HIIT training but like every thing else, it isn’t always suitable for everyone all of the time, so you can’t go wrong by adding weight training to your workouts a few times a week’.

#3 Enjoy your exercise or you won’t stick to it

‘You have to find and do what works for you. Find an exercise routine that you enjoy and you will be much more likely to stick with it.

‘Oh and in the era of social media stop comparing yourself to others. Remember it’s all about progress NOT perfection’.

#4 Change it up

‘Speaking of something you enjoy, to stay mentally stimulated and motivated you also have to change up your workouts from cardio to strength training or from cycling to dancing.

‘Nicole, for example is always extremely dedicated in the gym and most of Nicole’s workouts are a combination of HIIT and strength training.

‘But due to her background in dancing she needs both physical and mental stimulation in her workout routines. This means changing it up quite frequently so she remains motivated.

‘Plus a lot of the time when people aren’t seeing results, it’s because their workouts lack periodization (that’s not doing the same workout routine over and over again), they might also need to focus on changing the intensity of their workouts’.

#5 Set both short term and long term goals

‘I always set a goal for myself and I tell my clients to do the same. Set both short term and long term challenges, and always remember why you started. So, if your long-term goal is to lose a stone, make your short term goal to lose five pounds in one month’.

‘Celebrity clients usually come to me with drastic short term goals, which can be extremely stressful and you never know if they are actually able to get there.

‘Tom Ellis, for example, gained 25 pounds of muscle in just five months, that was a very short term goal. But then Nicole Sherzinger on the other hand, wants to stay lean and trim all year long, so that’s more of a long term goal.

‘Bottom line? Just make sure you set some goals to remind yourself why you are doing it and to keep you motivated’.

#6 Avoid diets and eat clean

‘I want emphasize I am not a big fan of fad or trendy diets. They tend to be overly restrictive and difficult to follow with only temporary results.

‘I personally believe in clean eating, based on consuming lots of greens and vegetables. I myself have not eaten meat since the age of seven.

‘I do love to eat pizza – I’m Italian – I’ll have it once a month. Oh and I’m obsessed with lemons, I add lemon to everything.

‘I advise my clients to limit, or even better, avoid sugar and processed food, and stick to eating lean sources of protein, greens and complex carbohydrates.

‘The reality is weight loss through diets are almost always expected if you consume less calories, but as we all know, it isn’t always sustainable’.

#7 Counting calories is boring

‘I don’t advise my clients to count calories and I don’t do it myself. Who wants to do math before and after every meal? Of course calories do count when we are trying to lose weight but they aren’t everything.

‘You can still eat processed low quality food on a low calorie diet, like simple, processed carbohydrates and high glycemic food such as white bread, chips, crackers and soda are all low in calories but won’t be good for your waistline or health in the long-term.

‘These digest quickly into sugar and increase levels of the hormone insulin (the fat storage hormone). Eating these ‘low calorie’ foods will not help you achieve your goals.

‘So just because it’s low calorie doesn’t mean it’s a quality food source.  Proper nutrition is key and the reason most people don’t see results is down to their diet and nutrition’.

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