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9 weight-loss tips from A-list celeb PT Gunnar Peterson

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What do Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kate Beckinsale all have in common? They all see celeb PT Gunnar Peterson – we asked him what advice he gives the A-listers 

We always want to know what advice those beautiful celebs out there are given. What exactly is it that the experts tell them?  Let us in on the secret – please – it’s hot outside and our summer bodies need some TLC.

Healthista recently spoke with Beverly Hills personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, who has sculpted A-list bodies including Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian and Kate Beckinsale’s.

Oh and it’s J Lo’s 50th birthday – that’s right 50 – and we think she looks better than ever.

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Gunnar also recently joined the Centr team to offer a brand-new program, Gunnar x Centr, exclusive to Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s new health and fitness app Centr.

The Gunnar X Centr programme is designed specifically for women; to help them get fast-track results. Gunnar gave us some useful tips and tricks that he gives to the celebs too – so you know they are worth sticking to.

Weight-loss tip #1 Strength train with a hint of cardio

‘To get the best results you need to be doing a combination of strength training and cardio intervals, that embodies flexibility, stability and mobility. That’s what I would suggest for women in particular.

‘I don’t know that there’s one exercise to focus on but it would be a good idea to make sure you are adding squats into your workouts, or a variation of a squat, or a squat with a press, or something in the lunge family. Big body movements reap big results.

‘Aim to lift weights four, five or six days a week. It doesn’t have to be crazy heavy and have to be for a long period of time. But it should be fun and something that gets you the results you want.

‘If you aren’t having fun or seeing the results, change your approach and find something that works. But of course, that’s all dependent on the person and what they want to achieve’.

‘When it comes to strength training and invest more in multi-joint movements’

‘if you’re looking to change the way your body looks spend less time on single joint finishing isolating movements [such as bicep curls] when it comes to strength training and invest more in multi-joint movements that involve all three plains of motion and movements that give you a metabolic return above and beyond just the time spent in the gym [such as push ups, squats and deadlifts]’.

Weight-loss tip #2 Make working out a regular thing

‘My philosophy when it comes to keeping fit – is the keeping part. It’s staying with it. It’s being consistent. It’s knocking out a workout on a regular basis with a certain degree of intensity that you can always progress or regress from and not quit.

‘With my clients I never try to focus on what anybody likes or what anybody dislikes. We’re working off of a template and we just do it.

‘We do the workout and we move on to the next. We hit it, we move on to the next, we circle back, we go again, and before you know it, the whole hour is done’.

gunnar peterson women should lift weights
‘Make sure you are adding squats to your workouts, or a squat with a press, or something in the lunge family’

Weight-loss tip #3 Find something that keeps you driven

‘People often ask me how I stay motivated and the answer is by looking at my kids and my wife – that’s everything to me. That’s the drive.

‘My family in general drives me: my parents, my brother, my wife, my kids. Setting an example for the kids.

‘Setting the tone for the rest and showing them that everything they did to raise me, everything that I experienced with them is all put to good use. Always remind yourself why you are doing what you do.

‘You also need to look at the lifestyle you want. If you want to go to Palma, Ibiza, Majorca this summer and you want to go out on a beach, you know what that looks like, you know what your friends are going to wearing what you would like to be wearing – so if you’re unhappy about what you look like, there’s your motivation’.

Weight-loss tip #4 Processed carbs are a no-no

‘When it comes to diet, I’m a mostly protein and fats person. I don’t eat a lot of processed carbohydrates as these can interfere with the results you want.

‘When I have a treat, it’ll be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or some kind of a mashed potato probably. I’ll have wine at night with my wife if she wants to but other than that, I eat a lot of fish, a lot of greens, and did I mention the Reese’s? Yep, I think I did’.

Weight-loss tip #5 Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible

‘My best nutrition tip for everyone is to try to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible – not processed or deep fried – you should stay away from those if weight loss is your goal.  Processed foods are tough for your body to handle and digest, that will slow down weight loss results.

‘Find something that you love that is healthy and always have some in your fridge. For example, I will always have fresh salmon in my fridge – always. I’m a huge salmon lover’.

Weight-loss tip #6 Don’t count calories if it feels like you’re being punished

‘If counting calories is what holds you accountable, then by all means, count them. But if counting calories makes you feel restricted and like you’re being punished, then don’t do it.

‘Because eventually, it’s going to end badly. We’re freewill beings, and you know that you don’t have to stick to it. So, if you feel like you’re being forced to, eventually, you’re going to rebel, and that will end badly. Everything in moderation’.

Weight-loss tip #7 Always have a healthy snack in your cupboard

‘In my cupboard, there is always Split Nutrition Packets. I live on those things – it’s my go-to snack. It’s a nut butter and a jelly which I can have pre-workout or mid-afternoon if I start to fade, it keeps me on track and stops my cravings’.

Weight-loss tip #8 Stay hydrated – water runs the show

‘Sometimes it’s not the training or the intensity of the training or the frequency of the training, and sometimes it’s not even the diet. Sometimes it’s hydration – you’re not getting enough water.

‘My nutritionist, Dr. Philip Goglia, would tell you, ‘Water runs the show. And if you’re not hydrating properly, it’s hard to perform optimally, and it’s hard for your system to run and do what it’s supposed to do’.

Weight-loss tip #9 Get an extra hour of sleep

‘I also can’t stress how important sleep is. Sometimes you’d be better off not doing an extra mile, not doing an extra set, not doing an extra day’s work out, and just getting an extra hour of sleep.

‘That extra hour is what will help your body to recover. That’s when it rebuilds and regenerates, and that’s really when the work is done’.


Centr is personalised digital health and fitness program created by Chris Hemsworth and a team of internationally renowned experts. Centr is available from the App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch or online at 

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