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Need to perform well for a meeting or event? This 3 minute meditation will help


Have a big meeting or sports event coming up? Mindfulness expert and meditation teacher Neil Seligman has a quick standing meditation that will help your performance

Are your nerves getting the better of you? We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a big conference or meeting talking to a large crowd or doing an important pitch, it’s hard to not let those jittery nerves take over your entire body.

This meditation from leading mindfulness expert Neil Seligman can help ease those nerves and anxious feelings by bringing awareness and presence into your body. You’ll notice it’s actually a standing meditation, so easy to do before any scary event or meeting.


Meditation can actually help with this over the long-term too. A study published in the Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Journal showed how the performance anxiety of musicians before playing on stage improved after a two month yoga and meditation programme.


Neil Seligman is dedicated to sharing the power of mindfulness globally, transforming lives, and inspiring excellence in all aspects of human endeavour.

He is the author of 100 Mindfulness Meditations and Conscious Leadership, and the Originator of Soul Portrait Photography.

As a sought after expert, Neil has worked with firms such as Netflix, Accenture and Warner Brothers and has been featured by the BBC, The Mirror, Yoga Magazine, Psychologies, OmYoga Magazine and many more.


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