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5-minute warm up for lower body workout

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Healthista has teamed up with David Marshall, owner of Royal Docks Crossfit to bring you a warm up sequence for a lower body workout. This will raise your body temperature, increase your heart rate and sharpen your attention for a brilliant workout

Getting ready for a lower body workout? David Marshall, owner of Royal Docks Crossfit shows you how to do an easy warm up before a lower body workout. Warming up before your workout is essential to prevent injury and get your body ready for moves found in HIIT workouts.

Through a series of jump squats, jumping lunges and side lunges. The aim of this warm up is to loosen the muscles, alert the brain and increase the heart rate to get ready to work your lower body.

Give it a go and let us know what you think. @HeatlthistaTV

David marshall personal trainer crossfit coach

David Marshall is owner of Royal Docks CrossFit, one of London’s most successful CrossFit gyms and also owns BodySculpt studio in Tunbridge Wells. His athletic background lies mostly with rugby, where he played professionally for four years and an academic background in Coaching and Sport science as well as holding a Black Belt in TaeKwon Do. David has the tools, knowledge and proven track record to guarantee results for his clients.


Sophia Smith is a London based, certified personal trainer with asophia smith personal trainerpassion for fitness, people, food, and wellbeing. She adopts a holistic approach to health and fitness that incorporates functional training, nutrition and mindset. Follow Sophia on Instagram: @sophiasophia1



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