What is a superset? Fitopedia series continues

Can’t tell your macros from your micros? Neither can we. That’s why Healthista’s bringing you a brand new series called Fitopedia: decoding fitness lingo. This week, David Marshall, owner of Royal Docks Crossfit, explains a superset

Supersets sound like something that would appear in a video game or superhero movie, but they’re actually a pretty common fitness practice. Royal Docks Crossfit owner David Marshall explains this simple technique.

‘A superset is where we do a set of one movement back-to-back with another set of a different movement,’ Marshall says. ‘Use complimentary movements so the muscle groups involved spend more time under tension.

‘Supersets are also great to do if you have time constraints where you’re looking to fit much more into your workout.’

Supersets are great to do if you have time constraints where you’re looking to fit much more into your workout.

By eliminating rest time, you can cut down on the length of your workout and burn more calories. Want to give it a try? Just go straight from one movement to the other—but make sure that you’re working the same muscle for the best effect.

David Marshall is the owner of Royal Docks CrossFit. You can visit their website here.


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