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calvin klein euphoria perfume shop How to find your signature scent – the beauty director’s guide FEATURED


How to find your signature scent – the beauty director’s guide

When it comes to scent, finding The One can as easily be down to instant lust, as kissing a lot of frogs in a marathon sniffathon, says Beautista’s Annabel Meggeson. Here’s how to find your perfect match. When I was asked to write about choosing a signature fragrance, my first thought was, you don’t choose […]



The Botox and fillers rule book – 10 must-dos this beauty editor swears by

Botox, fillers and other anti-ageing treatments can help you cheat your way to younger-looking skin, but if you don't want to look 'done' follow these ground rules, says beauty editor Annabel Meggeson

9 spring beauty picks this beauty editor wants you to know about FEATURE


9 spring beauty products our expert can’t live without

Rethink your beauty routine for spring with these gorgeous, new picks from Beautista's Annabel Meggeson

Hongi opera singer stays fit - Feature


How this gorgeous opera singer stays fit for stage

Starring in the Royal Opera House's current production of Phaedra, opera star Hongni Wu says bursts of exercise, occasional sweet treats and lashings of skincare keep her fit for stage

9 best nutrients to take before or after exercise FEATURE


7 anti-ageing tips for beauty bad girls

Sun, cigs, booze - if you're no stranger to these deadly beauty sins, then fellow beauty bad girl Annabel Meggeson, has some insider anti-ageing beauty tricks for you

Teenage acne by Annabel Megesson, anxious teen


What really works for teenage acne

What this beauty editor mum knows works for teenage spots