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9 best workout shorts

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We’ve rounded up the best fashion workout shorts that also deliver on function .

Most flattering: Sweaty Betty Challenge Run Shorts, £50


You can never go wrong with black. These shorts feature Sweaty Betty’s signature ultra-lightweight fabric (polyamide and elastane), with a perfect mix of stretch and compression. Made in Italy, this lightweight and quick drying fabric is made for high intensity workouts – so no need to worry about embarrassing sweat patches.

They’re not cheap but the price reflects the quality. You’ll never have to worry about them riding up as you exercise or your underwear showing through the fabric. The inner short also has a high elastane count to help sculpt and flatter in all the right places…and show off all those booty gains.

Best for running Tribesports Running shorts, £23 in sale

tribesports best summer workout shorts by healthista

If you love your cardio, these are the shorts for you. Tribesports is a favourite with the Healthista team and once you have a feel of this material, you’ll understand why. Made from breathable and lightweight stretch-woven material, this little number will have you running long distance without breaking a sweat (well, not as much).

Tribesports uses wicking technology in all its sportswear – wicking is the action of drawing moisture away from the skin in order to keep the skin dry and comfortable to optimise performance. T-shirts are typically made from cotton and although it may be comfortable on the skin, it will get heavy and clingy when wet. Technical fabrics are generally made of a synthetic fibre blend, for example polyester. This gives a lightweight final product which will stretch with movement, dry quickly and maintain its shape.

The shorts also feature a flat elastic waistband, so if you’re scared of waking up with a belly bloat, we’ve got you covered. And don’t worry about your keys falling out – there’s a zip pocket at the back.

Best in pastels: Lululemon Tracker Short V in Smoked Mulberry, £48


You’re bound to turn heads with these cute pastels. The colours are so pretty you won’t just be packing these shorts for the gym but for festivals and holidays too. Talk about versatile.

There’s more to these than just a pretty exterior though. The higher rise on these shorts promotes both coverage and comfort, with a lightweight liner which is meant to help maximise movement. The shorts are made from one of Lululemon’s signature fabrics, ‘Swift Ultra’. Designed to be strong and light, the four-way stretch woven fabric seeks to offer freedom of movement and stretch.

On top of that, the added lycra fabric (for stretch and shape retention) makes these shorts perfect for any exercise, especially running.

Best for lounging (or the gym): Adidas Two-in-One Shorts, £27.95


You can almost feel how soft and comfy these shorts are just by looking at them. The lightweight knit fabric allows you to go straight from the gym onto your sofa. And you won’t even feel gross – Adidas have developed a material (dubbed ‘Climalite’) to help you avoid being a hot, sweaty mess. Climalite is designed to keep you cool and dry in the hot weather. The fabric pulls sweaty away from the body to the outer surface, which prevents sweat and heat build up.

But what exactly is Climalite, you ask? It features a cotton exterior and synthetic material underneath, as with these shorts which have built-in tights. Once the sweat is pushed onto the outer cotton layer, it quickly evaporates – leaving you cool and safe from over-heating.

The cotton shorts on the outside are regular fit, striking a comfortable balance between loose and snug, while the built-in tights are there for that extra comfort. So let’s be honest. You’ll be living with these and at £27.95, they’re a steal.

Best bargains: H&M Running Shorts £14.99 (plum /turquoise)

hm-plum-shorts-best-summer-workout-shorts-by-healthista hm-turquoise-best-summer-workout-shorts-by-healthista

H&M have combined fashion with fitness with these bright coloured designs – at only £14.99 – you’re welcome. But don’t let the price fool you into thinking these shorts will fall apart after one wash. The fast-drying fabric, elasticated drawstring waist and short shorts lining shows that H&M have both your comfort needs and the athleisure look down.

Best Kardashian vibe: Sweaty Betty Power Shorts, £50, Gymshark Elevate Cycling Shorts, £28

sweaty-betty-blue-best-summer-workout-shorts-by-healthista summer workout shorts best by healthista

Every time the Kardashians bring back a look that would otherwise be considered questionable, it becomes a trend again. This was certainly the case with cycling shorts in 2018. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to join the bandwagon.

These Sweaty Betty cycling shorts are made from a high-stretch fabric, making them suitable for multiple sports – including shopping (ever heard of the phrase ‘shop till you drop’?). The ‘power’ fabric, as Sweaty Betty call it, is multi-functional: super stretchy, sweat-wicking, bum-sculpting and feels super soft against your skin. Oh, and it’s 90% opaque. The fitting cut of these will create an itty bitty waist look while simultaneously showing off your ass-ets. They even have a back zip pocket that can fit up to an iphone 7. Absolutely made to be Instagrammed.

If you want style at a more affordable price, look no further than these Gymshark shorts. The khaki colour is right on trend and the high rise will accentuate any waist, but that’s not to say these fall short in terms of practicality. The fabric is a mixture of nylon and elastane, making them super stretchy and squat proof (tried and tested). They also have mesh panels down the sides for ventilation, which regulate your body temperature and help keep you cool. There are pockets on both sides, a handy feature to store keys, cards and your phone. Keep your eyes peeled as these will be launching on August 13th – we predict a riot.

Best granny print:  Sweaty Betty Reversible Yoga Shorts, £45 


For the more adventurous Healthista, Sweaty Betty reversible yoga shorts. Show up to your next yoga class in these and I assure you, everyone will be asking you where they can get a pair.

Like the Kardiashian-esque pair of shorts above, these are high stretch and high waisted. However they are designed with the ‘reversible’ fabric – Sweaty Betty’s famous opaque fabric which can be worn two ways, from print to black. It’s made for those who love their yoga, barre or Pilates.

They’re 100% opaque (that means downward dog friendly) so you can move definitely move freely while showing off those pins in and out of hot yoga. Go on, you know you want these.

Already own shorts? Try performance boosting sports underwear to wear under them

SueMe Purple Womens Beech Shorties, £20


Nothing’s worse than realising halfway through a workout that you’re wearing inappropriate underwear. These Sueme shorties have been developed to help boost your sporting game with its soft Modal material.

Modal is 95% Beech Tree pulp, which creates a soft, comfortable and durable fabric that means they feel like second skin. So you won’t even realise they’re there, the next time you’re working out.

These shorties are designed to offer optimum comfort whilst being close fitting, with seams placed away from chaffing points to ensure you can focus on performing at your best. The unique fabric technology and natural fibres also contain antimicrobial qualities to prevent the build-up of bacteria and odour.

On top of that, the fabric has been developed to be highly breathable and sweat wicking to remove water vapour from the skin to leave you cool, dry and comfortable. The shorts have been designed by the team behind an Olympic gold medal winning swimsuit, so you know it’s the real deal. And if you don’t believe me, maybe you should just try them yourself.

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