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9 best gym leggings for real women

grey leggings best gym leggings for summer main by healthista

The ath-leisure trend is all very well when everything you see is on models that are six foot tall! But what about the best gym leggings  looks for the rest of us? Here are Healthista’s must haves plus snaps of us – real women – in them!


1. Tiny Fish

Tiny Fish’s gorgeous black and white leggings are a favourite with the Healthista team, with Healthista’s editor Anna Magee (above) rocking them during her gym workout. They are a capri style meaning they are 3/4 length leg rather than full length. Tiny Fish specialise in leggings with hot prints and with these, the fit is sensational too. They sit high on the waist and pull you in tightly so no need to worry about any lumps or bumps falling out. The material is a soft, silky lycra that will stay put no matter what exercise you decide to take on. The circular black and white pattern means you can go from workout to fashion the moment you leave the gym simply by changing your top. T

Available for £56 from Tiny Fish

2. Adidas

adidas best gym leggings for summer by healthista

We are in love with Adidas’ African inspired tribal leggings. They are the ultimate head turner thanks to their bold prints and orange statement patterns. The leggings are a skin tight material that clings to your body in a flattering style that means you feel and look slimmer.

adidas best gym leggings for summer by healthista
Healthista’s Vicky Hadley trialling the Adidas leggings.

The leggings sit on the hips so if you are not a sports-bra gym goer it is best to pair with a tank top as they don’t offer high waisted coverage. The leggings are a super-soft opaque material that gives plenty of space for stretching and bending without holding you back.

The leggings are available for £45 from Adidas.

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3. Pink Soda

Pink Soda Sport is a well known favourite brand of Healthista and their new collection is proving to continue raising the bar. The new Pink Soda Capri Leggings are made with a stylish cut and panelling, sweat-proof fabric that pulls moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool and dry even in the most sweat-ridden cardio workout.  The leggings host a hidden key pocket for safety within the wide pink waist band and are a thick comfortable material that also looks stylish. The colours in the whole range are amazing and on these, the baby pink blends beautifully with the black bringing a summery feel to the outfit.

Available for £25 from JD Sports.

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4. Reebok

reebok best leggings for summer by healthista

If you’re a bright and bold type of girl then there is no pair of leggings more suitable to you than Reebok’s new sequin print leggings. The grass green colour has the eye-catching effect that is sure to get you noticed during your workout.
reebok women best gym leggings for summer by healthista
The fabric is made from polyester and sits high-waisted on the stomach pulling you in and leaving you feeling comfortable and secure. The leggings have been designed to contour to the body shape meaning that no matter what type of workout you take on, even if it is a dance class involving lots of jumping and rolling around they will not budge. The leggings are made with a sweat-proof material ensuring you stay dry through the entirity of your workout.

The leggings are available for £35 from Reebok.


5. Superdry

superdry Best leggings for Summer

These comfortable Superdry leggings are the holy grail of leggings looking classy and sophisticated with a feminine floral print that keeps you feeling classy and fashionable. The leggings are a light grey colour that combines a flattering skinny-fit leg, high waist with a light material that pulls you in tightly and will not budge.

The fabric is made from a moisture wicking technology that ensures you stay dry throughout your session, even if that means running outside in the summer rain… The capri leggings are three-quarter length with a back zip pocket to store your key and other essentials whilst you train.

Available for £29 from Superdry.


6. The Sports Edit

Let your girly side out with some sparkle, Healthista’s Vicky Hadley is in love with these glitter leggings from The Sports Edit. With a pinky, purple base filled with a sequin pattern that is actually created from the soft polyester leggings – not actual sequins – they are the perfect addition to any gym goer’s wardrobe.

the sports edit leggings for summer 2016

Whether you are looking to do a cardio workout or a weight lifting session they are a great option. The light fabric is sweat proof meaning you will stay dry and is light enough to stop you feeling too hot this summer.

Comfortable and stylish they are sure to get heads turning whilst ensuring you are left feeling secure and ready to take on anything.

Available for £49 from The Sports Edit.

7. Active in Style

Millie Mackintosh wears active in style gym leggings by Healthista

Celebrity favourite of Millie Mackintosh, the HPE Combat Leggings from Active in Style are made from a unique compression fabric that is engineered to withstand intense training. So, no matter if you are burpee-ing, weight lifting or cycling they will not budge. So, what is compression fabric? Compression technology helps to increase circulation and blood flow from the heart around the body and into body parts that need extra blood flow – this is why they feel kind of seriously snug when you wear them (which we find quite flattering too, they suck everything in). This means that even if you are red faced and dripping with sweat the oxygen will be flowing to your sore muscles and helping to improve your endurance and recovery levels.
gym leggings active in style grey camo print by healthista

The grey camo (army print) design gives you a confidence boost that makes you feel like you can take on anything. If the leggings alone don’t give give you a boost then the amount of head turning and people questioning ‘where are your leggings from?’ is sure to do the trick. They are tight fitting and really hug your body in giving you a great bum – with or without squats.

The HPE Black Combat Leggings are available for £80 at 

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8.  The Sports Edit

The sports edit blue leggings best gym leggings for summer by healthista

The Sports Edit have done it again securing two spots in our leggings round up. These gorgeous full length leggings sit high-waisted on your stomach and contour to your body shape leaving you feeling secure and pulled in. The pastel colours will move with you ensuring you can stretch with ease in any bendy class you tackle.

The flattering tight fit hugs you in at the waist and ankles meaning you are supported throughout your entire session. We love the messy graffiti print on the bottom of the leggings which brings a rough, urban edge to blend with the feminine colours. The material is light and breathable so no need to worry about getting hot and sweaty in these leggings.


grey leggings best gym leggings for summer

We had to put one in for those serious about training and who else would we include other than Another capri style legging for the mix to keep it light and airy enabling you to keep cool this summer. The material is made mostly from polyester and lycra and is resilient and stylish as well as sweat proof. Healthista’s favourite part about these leggings is the fact they are made with an odour-controlled fabric so you don’t need to worry if you don’t have time to shower post-workout.  The leggings are designed to flex with you so whether that’s squatting low or reaching high the versatile leggings will fit to your workout.

Available for £36.74 from

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