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7 running songs for your summer playlist

In need of a little motivation and inspiration to get back in action? Check out what songs Healthista followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram told us get them pumped up and powered up for their summer workouts

  1. Close, Nick Jonas ft. Tove Love. @GameInGlory tweeted @HealthistaTV ‘This romantic upbeat hit that is sure to keep you going’. The beat starts off slow then builds as the chorus is reached making this the perfect song for any kind of interval training just try not to get too distracted by Nick Jonas’s seductive tone.


2. This Is What You Came For, Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris. This vibrant song is not only a huge hit for the summer, but also for tackling the gym as well. It is not difficult to find yourself lost in the fast paced beat and imagine your on the dance floor instead of on a treadmill. @xxMichelleyxx on Twitter and all of us at can’t get enough of this addictive tune.


3. Pump It, Black Eyed Peas. @handbag2000 and @smlbca from Twitter both love working out to this hip hop classic. Pump It will no doubt supply you with all the inspiration and energy needed to power through any workout. The tune is so catchy you may even find yourself singing along mid workout.


4. We Found Love, Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris. @teresaager tweeted that she loves working out to We Found Love because the chorus pushes her to carry on. All of us work out junkies at could not agree more. This is the perfect song to help you finish up your workout strong. The high intensity beat will give you the energy you need at the end of a hard core workout session.


5. Jump, Girls Aloud. @GemTaylorThomas and @yobabygodzilla from Twitter both look to this girly and energetic melody to add excitement to their workouts. This lively band of female singers give you a reason to get up and moving after just moments of listening to their enthusiastic voices.


6. LRAD, Knife Party. @nessarpoo commented on Healthista’s Instagram page this perfectly wild dub step track that may be just what you need to power through your most arduous workout. This song is ideal for anybody looking for something totally high energy. LRAD is jammed packed with over five minutes of nonstop dynamic beat variations that are sure to keep you strong and committed.


7. Aerodynamic, Daft Punk. This pick is from @MadameWeiss on twitter who says she loves this song for her workouts because it makes her run like the wind. Daft Punk is an electronic music duo known for combining elements of techno, rock and disco. This particular song does just that while supplying listeners with a cool and modern twist that will get you moving whether on the gym floor or the dance floor.

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