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Playlists of the fit and famous – Sky Sports presenter Charlotte Jackson gets pumped on David Guetta and Beyonce

Sky Sports News presenter Charlotte Jackson on the playlist picks that get her pumped

‘If I need a bit of motivation to get me going before a session, I do a warm up, a light run to David Guetta, Titanium. It picks me up even if I’m feeling sluggish and completely energises me.’

‘In the gym, one of my favourite exercises is the squat with a medicine ball. I raise up diagonally as I come up from the squat. It works the glutes, legs, arms, back and obliques. It’s a hard-working exercise! Katy Perry, Roar, always keeps me focused for this.’

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‘It’s important to stretch and warm down after a workout, for your body and your mind. So a soothing song like Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Somewhere Over the Rainbow really relaxes me.’

‘One of the best exercises for strengthening your core is the plank and side plank. I still find these tough and combine them with sit ups for better results. I turn up Beyonce – it can be any of her songs really, even the slower ones, like I Was Here. I think the power of her voice keeps me going on the stomach crunches – and maybe subconsciously because she has an amazing stomach!’

‘My friends laugh when I go running, because it’s not dance music that keeps me going, but just any album I’m enjoying at that moment. Something like Emeli Sande, Daddy, which actually has a lot of slow songs on it. But as I like it and enjoy listening to it, I can forget about the fact I’m on a run and just keep going. If I love a song enough, I have been known just to just play it on repeat. Jay Z ft Justin Timberlake, Holy Grail, was the last one – as I like Justin’s vocal part so much!’

 Charlotte’s Playlist:

  1. David Guetta, Titanium
  2. Katy Perry, Roar
  3. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  4. Beyonce, I Was Here
  5. Emeli Sande, Daddy
  6. Jay Z ft Justin Timberlake, Holy Grail

Charlotte Jackson is a supporter of the children’s charity Barnardo’s which has launched an emergency appeal to help more children who have been victims of sexual exploitation. To donate visit

Interview by Eva Caiden

Eva Caiden


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