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5 best anti-ageing face massages for glowing skin

5 best anti-ageing face massages MAIN

These anti-ageing face massages deliver glowing skin in four minutes or less – and they’re free. We’re addicted to doing them daily 

#1 Anti-ageing face massage

Celebrity facialist Abigail James shows you how to do anti-ageing face massage in just four minutes – making it quick enough to do every day.

  • Use a natural plant based oil for the massage, get a couple of pumps of the size of a blueberry, warm and the apply it to the whole of your face.
  • Press it, include neck and decollate, and glide it across.
  • With this lifting massage we are going to do a few lymph moves first and then pumps: stretch your neck backwards, stretching the muscles down.
  • Gliding across the whole face starting with your thumbs under your jaw, pushing back and hold.
  • In this particular massage there is a bit of face yoga inspiration: gliding under and stretching outwards, and pinch – all these moves are fantastic for the jowly bits.
  • Right to the ears and then to lift up, hold and then push.
  • As we age we often get lines around our mouth, we’re going to massage around this quite firmly, working all the way around.
  • Then, when you get to the bottom, hold at the chin and push up.
  • It’s nice if you have a relaxed jaw because it means you can actually get into the muscles easier.
  • Hold and push up, and take that stretch all the way to the side of the face, stretching up and then lifting up – the hold is really important to encourage those muscles where we want them to be.
  •  Do it to both sides.
  • You can hold this for five or ten seconds or even longer, then taking those holds and lifts for our crows feet areas and also up to the brow.
  • Do some zigzags across the forehead, working on those thrown lines and across, not forgetting the middle lines almost some stepping with your fingers to erase those.
  • Lift the brows and smooth out (it’s nice to do lots of face pressure points, instead of worrying about specific pressure points), and just press it and hold with a little bit of and upward lift.
  • Smooth it all back down the neck and finishing with some neck stretches.

#2 Face yoga to reduce puffy eyes

Face yoga helps to awaken the muscles by strengthening, toning and pushing circulation to revive the skins glow. Danielle says that ‘face yoga is a natural way of looking and feeling younger and healthier with an added sense of relaxation and wellbeing’.

This sequence uses three simple face yoga techniques to help improve circulation and boost lymphatic flow which is key to reducing puffy eyes and keeping the eye area looking smoother and firmer.


Exercise 1 – Circle the eyes

Exercise 2 – Mini V

Exercise 3 – Eye movements

#3 Anti-Ageing face massage using Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha massage is used traditionally in China with a jade beauty tool for anti-ageing. In this short video, reflexologist Michele Stevens shows you how to do a ‘Zone facelift’ massage using one.

First, cleanse your face with your usual products and then apply a a facial oil, serum or moisturiser (or whatever you normally use). Here are the techniques, which you can also view in the video above.


#1 Scissor movements

Interlock your index and middle fingers together, then move them backwards and forwards over the entire forhead briskly, using the scissor technique. This stimulates blood flow and helps reduce tension in the forehead. If you do this regularly it can help to ease frown lines.

#2 Using the tools

As shown in the YouTube video above, move the Gua Sha tool or Jade Sculpting and Lifting Massager along the jaw, neck, and over the cheeks. Go from the inside of the face outwards using sweeping movements.

#3 Diaphragm

Following the line of your cheekbones to just before your ears, use your middle fingers and press up underneath cheekbones . This movement helps to open the face and release tension, allowing you to relieve stress and feel more relaxed.

#4 Balance reflexes

Using your fingers press the area in front of the top part of your ear. Gently press in and circle for 3 seconds. This movement is helpful for relieving tension and headaches. This one’s great for when you’re out and about as you don’t need the Gua Sha tool.

#4 Get glowing skin with this brightening face massage

Celebrity facialist Abigail James shows you how to get glowing skin with this brightening face massage to help your glow in only three minutes every day.

  • Start by releasing the neck: the key for a brightening massage is the speed and depth of movement, so work deeply into your neck and shoulders. If you anchor your fingers into the neck just above your collar bone and stretch, you will be able to feel a stretch into the side of your neck, which should feel really energising.
  • Then apply some oil to the face, you won’t need not too much for this type of massage because we want to create some friction on the surface of the skin. Take a small amount of an oil with something such as a pomegranate seed base and apply it to the whole of the face and neck.
  • Tap, don’t drum, all over the mouth and all down the neck quite firmly: it will stimulate the blood flow.
  • Then push upwards actively moving the tissue up at the sides and taking it all the way up on the forehead as well.
  • Lift the brow and try to hook under and push up the eye area.
  • Go to one side of the face, lifting. If you get two fingers involved you can actually work deeper, creating the friction on the skin with deep and fast movements.
  • Then on the crow’s feet do deep moves, keep pushing and brightening.
  • Do some friction moves across the forehead, pushing up and then some flicking moves – if you let the jaw relax you’ll be able to get into the muscles easier than if you have a tighter jaw.
  • Take this underneath the jowly bits.
  • Smooth and push making deep circles to release the jaw.
  • Finish with some full face push ups, brightening and energising the skin and then back down on the neck, with those neck stretches.

Reduce neck lines with this 3 minute face yoga sequence

Face yoga expert Danielle Collins guides you through facial exercises, massages, acupressure and relaxation to reduce wrinkles and puffiness in the face and neck.

This face yoga sequence uses three exercises which help to smooth lines and firm the skin in the neck by toning and lifting the muscles around the neck area.


Exercise 1 – Giraffe

Exercise 2 – Swan

Exercise 3 – Tongue to roof of mouth

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