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30 day abs challenge

30 Day Abs challenge – Day 12

Welcome to day 12 of the NEW Healthista 30 day Abs challenge with founder of hot gym Gymclass, Helle Hammonds

The Healthista challenge has returned and so has Helle Hammonds from GYMCLASS, with 30 days of five-minute abdominal workouts. Helle has created a different workout for each day consisting of two strength moves and one fat burner, these are performed back to back and all movements last 30 seconds. Each day provides beginner and advanced options to provide a challenge for everyone.


  • Up and down plank with arm reach – In an extended arm plank position begin by dropping one elbow to the floor and then placing the other elbow to the floor then returning to the original extended armed plank. From here raise one arm up and reaching out while holding your balance. Lower arm and repeat on the other arm and then begin the move again. Repeat for 30 seconds.


  • One overhead and one russian twist – In a sit up position with legs raised and torso elevate towards your knees begin by twisting the torso one side and then to the other. Next lower your back down to the floor with hands stretched out over the head and extend legs and lower towards the floor and finishing by performing a crunch. Repeat for 30 seconds.


  • Squat to overhead press –  This move begins by performing a standard squat and once returning to your upright position raise your arms straight into the arm. Using water bottles or light weights can be used to advance this move. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Repeat two more times.

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Helle Hammonds GymClass Sweaty Thirty by Healthista bioHelle Hammonds, 38, founded London’s leading group fitness studio – GymClass in 2014. She wanted to create a gym that not only encouraged those intimidated by fitness to come in, but to also re-programme those who visited daily striving for that size six frame. Helle wanted to make it clear that exercising is about getting stronger, building leaner muscles, strengthening the core, interacting socially, and living a healthier and happier lifestyle. Helle spent a number of years working at renowned gyms across London, learning and gaining experience, before opening her first studio in Holland Park in 2014. Helle has personally designed the GymClass workout to deliver distinct results in building fitness faster, sculpting leaner muscles, melting stubborn fat and strengthening the core.


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