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Stomach workout video of the day

Woman in gym clothes in plank position, 30 Day Ab Challenge: Day 11, by

Welcome to Day 11 of our 30 Day Ab Challenge with trainer Lyndon Littlefair – an exclusive and totally free Ab workout so you can attain toned abs from the comfort of your own home…or office. Today features lateral rotations, side planks and standing side leans your waistline will love

Every day in April, Lyndon brings you a unique ab workout video which will lead to a slimmer and firmer core. Each video is under ten minutes long meaning you can fit this workout in, no matter how busy your schedule is. This challenge is catered for everybody and will increase in difficulty. None of them contain any sit-ups but instead feature innovative trainer moves to really tone your entire core.

You can begin anytime so if you’re just joining us, scroll to the bottom and click on Day 1 to get started.

Here is today’s workout:

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Lyndon Littlefair headshot, 30 Day Ab Challenge: Day 10, by Healthista.comLyndon Littlefair brings a wealth of applied knowledge from his 20 years in the Fitness and Wellness industry. He believes in a scientific yet holistic approach to overall wellbeing and uses the best from all sources to move his clients closer to their goals. Lyndon helps people to become more aware of their bodies in order for them to move better, feel better and perform better.

As the creator of Yummy Tummies, his role is to get new mums back in shape safely and effectively. Accepting that everyone is different, his job is to assess exactly where someone is at, understand where they want to get to and guide them towards that end goal.

To find out more about Lyndon, check out London Wellness. You can also follow Lyndon on Twitter.

The dumbbells featured in our 30 Day Ab Challenge are from Fitness Mad, starting from £4.00

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