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3 new year makeup trends to try now


Stuck in a beauty rut and looking for a makeup look to help you step out of your comfort zone? We spoke to celebrity makeup artist, Louise Dartford who clued us in on the trends you should be working on 

Everyone has their makeup comfort zone. Mine is nude lipstick, of which I have approximately 15 painfully similar shades. If you’re like me and rarely stray away from the same facial get-up then now is the time to take action.

We asked celebrity make-up artist Louise Dartford what the top makeup looks are to help push your out of your comfort zone. Plus, she reveals some of her favourite products and the techniques she uses on celebrities.


Glitter is back with a sparkling bang. ‘Glitter is always kind of Christmas and party anyway but this year it has definitely come back on all the catwalks’ Dartford told us. ‘I work with Birdy and she loves glitter.’ And much like dogs glitter isn’t just for Christmas. From glittery hair partings to hide greasy roots to glittery beards, the glitter trend has been all over Instagram this year and seems to be reaching its peak this festive season.

✨❄️S, is for Sunday!❄️✨

A photo posted by Twisted Sister Braids (@twistedsister.braids) on Dec 11, 2016 at 6:04am PST

Plus knowing that glitter has graced the catwalks of houses such as Fausto Puglisi and Burberry gives us all the assurance we need that grown-up glitter is the fun and fashionable way to go this festive season.

Who’s wearing it?

From Birdy to Burberry we know that this is a popular look. And the glitter trend has sparkled its way through the celebrity scene in 2016 from Beyonce on stage to Suki Waterhouse’s glittering tears. Not to mention Kristen Stewart, Irina Shayk and even Gigi Hadid for Giambattista Valli‘s runway show. Below Emma Stone rocks a subtle all over glitter look adding a purple and blue combo to really bring out the colour of her eyes.

Emma Stone attends the La La Land Los Angeles premier

How do I get the look? 

Dartford recommends glittering up your eyelids. She says that for those less adventurous even a small amount can go a long way. We joked that I should wear it to the office one day to break out of my makeup comfort zone and she was totally on board, ‘YES! If you wanted to you could just do a tiny sprinkling, so just when you blink it catches the light’ she told me.

A little bit on the inner corners of your eye can look amazing’ she adds. The makeup guru told me that this is a great way to brighten up the eye – exactly what we all need at this time of year.

‘You can pop a little bit on the cheekbones but I would keep it to one area, don’t go crazy. I think that’s what happens with glitter everyone loves a bit of it but I think you can easily overdo it.’

And if your Christmas party this year will be full of coworkers with their camera phones out as everyone tries desperately to get their next Facebook profile pic then beware. According to Dartford flash photography is an important thing to remember when it comes to your glittery get-up. ‘Everyone is taking selfies and having their photos taken… if you put glitter in the wrong place you’re going to have a reflection in the wrong place. Sometimes to the eye visually it can look lovely but as soon as you get a camera flash or you get a little bit hot it can start to look a little bit sweaty.’ So maybe just make sure you take a few practice selfies before you head out into the night.

Dartford’s top tip? use sellotape. ‘Sellotape is great for removing fallen glitter on the face’ she told me.

What should I pair it with?

‘If you have a glittery eye I’d keep the skin really fresh, really dewy, a bit of cream blush’ I was instructed. Dartford suggested keeping it simpler on the lip if you go all out on your eyes, especially if you aren’t used to a heavy face of make-up. Although we want to break out of our beauty comfort zones we still want to feel comfortable. On the other hand she said that a bit of silver glitter on the eye would look amazing paired with a bright red lip. ‘Say you had a nude eye with some kind of champagne shimmer and then did a silver glitter and then did a red lip that would look lovely’ she told me.

What are the best products?




‘I found a really nice brand called glitterlution.’ Dartford revealed. ‘They’re biodegradable and they do lots of bright colours. You can’t always use it but the natural stuff has definitely got a lot to offer now.’ She adds that glitterlution have always worked really well for her on shoots. Glitterlution is an up-and-coming makeup brand that is still growing as a company. On their Facebook page they describe themselves as ‘Great for all DISCO RELATED ACTIVITIES, including dancing, jumping, shouting, singing, and generally being fabulous.’ Plus they’re eco-friendly to boot.

ecotools-brushes-3-party-makeup-looks-to-help-you-step-out-of-your-beauty-comfort-zone-by-healthistaEcotools brushes


‘I really love EcoTools and always recommend them because they are so easy to get, have a really good price point and are great brushes’ Dartford revealed. ‘I would keep one brush for a glitter brush as it is a nightmare to get out so dedicate one for that. Use something a bit smaller and firmer so you can be directional – anything too fluffy and it will go everywhere’ she adds.



Glitter Lips 


Carly tries out her favourite Glitterlips colour, cherry


Here at Healthista we are also currently obsessed with Glitter Lips, a glitzy range of lip styles brought from the women of Beauty Boulevard. From bright reds to icy whites we definitely recommend giving some of these sparkling styles a go. And whilst we’re on the topic of lips…


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When the nights grow cold it seems the perfect excuse to slip into darker colours but that doesn’t mean we have to get boring. ‘With Christmas I think people like to wear a red lip or a darker lip’ Dartford tells us and adds that it is ALWAYS on trend at this time of year. So if you’re someone like me and you usually stick to nuder shades of lip colour then maybe now is the time to break out of that comfort zone and opt for a vampy lip or a bold bright Christmas red.

Alessandro Ambrosio sporting a glossy dark lip at Las Vegas private preview

Who’s wearing it?

Dartford is a fan of pro makeup artist Lisa Eldridge who loves a vampy lip. But the dark lip trend can be seen across the celebrity sphere. From Katy Perry’s penchant for shades of dark plum to Alessandra Ambrosio’s elegant and glossy dark red, the vampy lip look is everywhere. Kylie Jenner, known for her nude lip breaks the routine and sports a deep dark red for her shoot on the cover of Complex. 

very excited to be on the cover of @complex and #complexcon

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Oct 11, 2016 at 10:58am PDT

How do I get the look?

According to Dartford the most important thing about this look is all in the preparation. ‘You have definitely got to prep the lip. So with this cold weather a lot of peoples lips are a little bit rough so I would do some kind of lip scrub with an exfoliator. When you’re doing your skin care make sure you’re doing your lips as well’ Dartford advises.

What should I pair it with?

‘Really dewy skin. Again, I think that’s kind of key. If you’re going to have any kind of heavy makeup going on, I think skin is really important’ Dartford explains. ‘It needs to be really fresh and healthy. Lot’s of mascara, curl the lashes and you can definitely still wear eye makeup, you can have a nice liner. Or you could do a little bit of a gentle crease and just define the eye.’

??? @richardyounggallery #diorvintage #lancome #idole #redlipstick #fashionawards #britishfashionawards

A photo posted by Lisa Eldridge (@lisaeldridgemakeup) on Dec 6, 2016 at 9:35am PST

And if you’re feeling really bold even add a darker eye. Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge (above) worked this look last week at the Fashion Awards. ‘Who’s to say that you can’t have both?’ says Dartford on this topic. ‘I think it just depends on whether you’re going to touch it up as well because if you’re going to wear the dark lip you’ve got to be ready to do a little touch up.’ Her advice for anyone thinking about getting creative with a darker lip and eye combo is just to wear it with confidence.

What are the best products?


Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub


Dartford is a huge fan of Lush’s lip scrub so I got some popcorn flavoured scrub in to try and I LOVED it. Not only did it rub off all the dead skin on my poor wintery chapped lips but it also tasted amazing. Like all of Lush’s products we love that we can pronounce all of the ingredients. It’s made of caster sugar, jojoba oil, sea salt, polenta, coconut oil and popping candy for flavouring and is a product that I would recommend to anyone trying to smooth out dried out lips.

Lip nurse



Dartford also recommends using Herb pharamacy’s lip nurse. She especially likes this product because unlike a lot of other moisturising products it leaves you with a finish that isn’t too glossy. This is good news when going for a dark lip as you don’t necessarily want a dark lip to have too much shine.

Absolution organic lipstick



This bright red lippy is a deep semi-matte colour that will dress up a simple black party dress. Dartford’s favourite shade is called rouge bordeaux, which is a lovely deep red colour. These lipsticks are another great natural brand and the ingredients are supposed to work to protect and repair your lips, rather than to dry them out.




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The smouldering smoke

If you’re like me and never wear eyeshadow then doing a smokey eye for a night out is a very big deal. And despite its popularity, it seems I’m not alone. ‘I meet a lot of people and they say ‘Oh I can’t do smoky eye, I look like I’ve punched myself’ or you know ‘I can’t blend’’ Dartford told me. If you’re someone that is confident with getting smokey then that is amazing but maybe this Christmas it’s time to add a little colour and really step out of your comfort zone.

Scarlett Johansson with a smouldering smokey eye at the Gene Siskel Film Center

Who’s wearing it?

Smokey eye is always a big look in Hollywood but especially at this time of year. From Scarlett Johnasson to Jennifer Lawrence it’s a look that isn’t going to fade away any time soon. But don’t let yourself be limited by a neutral pallet. Make like the stars and spice up your makeup routine with a bold and colourful smokey eye. Miley Cyrus wears a green smokey eye on The Voice and shows how a smokey eye can change as much as your outfit can. Don’t be afraid to be brave and play with this look.

Tune in to the #voiceresults show tonight at 8/7c to find out who makes the top 8! #TeamMiley

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on Nov 29, 2016 at 1:44pm PST

How do I get the look?

‘You don’t have to use loads of eyeshadow.’ she tells me, ‘a really easy way to do a smoky eye is actually with an eye liner pencil. You can just kind of encircle your eye. Do it along your top lashes, do it along your bottom lashes.’ And if you’re looking to really break out of that comfort zone and are going for a dark, bright or intense colour then layer, suggests Dartford. Layer the eyeshadow on top of liner until you get the intensity that you’re after.


Playing with colours is something that Dartford really loves.She clued me in on some great ways to wear a smokey eye and bring out your own eye colour.

Bronze and gold smokey eye

‘Bronze and gold are going to work with any eye colour but because they bring out blue they’ll be especially great for someone with blue eyes.’

Grey smokey eye

This is the smokey eye stop for everyone. ‘Greys are going to work for any eye colour really’ she told me. She suggested using graphites, greys and coal for agrey-smoke-3-party-makeup-looks-to-help-you-step-out-of-your-beauty-comfort-zone-by-healthista smokey eye because they don’t have the same harshness as your typical black smokey eye.



‘A purple is great for a party. Purple looks amazing on a green eye or someone that’s got brown eyes and they’ve got a green fleck in, that’s going to bring that green fleck out.’ Basically, it’s a great bold party colour for anyone.


What are the best products?

INIKA eye pencils 

£24 for smokey eye set


Dartford’s advised us that these were another great natural beauty brand that are perfect for achieving that subtle smokey look. ‘They’re really good for doing a smokey eye’ she told us. I am now a huge fan. They have great pigmentation, glide onto the skin really easily and the purple in particular had a beautiful deep colour to it. Inika is a beauty brand that uses only organic ingredients, as if we needed any more reason to love them. They’re also cruelty-free, botanical and non toxic.

me wearing Inika eye liner in purple minx for a subtle daytime smoke

Estée Edit eye and face Palettes

£86.99 for both palettes

This colour palette was a big hit with us here at the Healthista offices. And with its bright shimmering greens and blues this is an eyeshadow palette that will be sure to push you out of your comfort zone. The pigmentation of the product is intense and long lasting and it was a big hit with our tester who said ‘I love the mix of colours and how nicely they work together. They blend so well, there are some really gorgeous colour combinations for a smokey eye in this palette.’

The estee edit face and eye palettes


Lavera eye shadow base

Lavera Eyeshadow Base


Dartford suggests using Lavera’s eye shadow base if you’re looking for a natural brand of eye primer. This transparent gel is wet to the touch and feels moisturising when you apply it to your skin. The gel prevents pigments from your eyeshadow settling in the crease of the eye which means your makeup stays on for longer.


louise-dartford-headshot-3-party-makeup-looks-to-help-you-step-out-of-your-beauty-comfort-zone-by-healthistaLouise Dartford is a make-up artist working in beauty, fashion and music. Her work has featured in publications such as Stylist, Nylon, Volt and Twenty-6 Magazine and she works regularly with music artists such as Tinie Tempah and Birdy. A keen interest in natural beauty products led Louise to experiment with them in her professional kit, and about eight years ago she started the journey of converting her kit into a cleaner, greener version. She has since been championing organic and natural brands; proving through her session work that they can live up to their conventional counterparts. She also shares her beauty knowledge through her writing, and has contributed features and quotes to magazines such as InStyle, The Ecologist, Natural Health and SIX.

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