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'Eyebrows on fleek' - say hello to the new Hyper-Realism Brow treatment FEATURED


‘Eyebrows on fleek’ – say hello to the new Hyper-Realism Brow treatment

Eyebrows on fleek - Healthista's Ksenia Lavrentieva tries Tracie Giles's Hyper-Realism Brow - the new permanent make-up brow technique taking over the beauty world

Eyeliner tattoo FEATURED


Is an eyeliner tattoo the way forward for today’s modern woman?

Is an eyeliner tattoo the perfect procedure for the modern woman? Say hello to waking up with perfect cats eyes & spending less time in front of the mirror 



Want bigger, more defined lips without the filler? Why not try a lip tattoo

Permanent make-up is a thing. We got the inside scoop on exactly what happens during a lip blushing (aka lip tattoo) treatment with the legendary Tracie Giles

The hidden world of gender expression- Drag for girls healthista-3


As RuPaul’s Drag Race premieres, get ready for FEMALE drag queens

Ever wondered why boys get to have all the fun? Not anymore

why I never wear makeup, featured


‘Why I never wear make-up’

Two years ago, Healthista writer Courtney Welu made a conscious decision to never wear make up. Ever. Her reasons might surprise you 

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15 party make-up hacks this gorgeous beauty editor swears by

Beauty expert and former Red Magazine beauty editor Annabel Meggeson brings you party make-up hacks including some controversial ones like sleeping in eyeliner and wearing two scents at once. Controversial