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As RuPaul’s Drag Race premieres, get ready for FEMALE drag queens

Ever wondered why boys get to have all the fun? Not anymore

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‘Why I never wear make-up’

Two years ago, Healthista writer Courtney Welu made a conscious decision to never wear make up. Ever. Her reasons might surprise you 

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15 party make-up hacks this gorgeous beauty editor swears by

Beauty expert and former Red Magazine beauty editor Annabel Meggeson brings you party make-up hacks including some controversial ones like sleeping in eyeliner and wearing two scents at once. Controversial


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Before you pile on your makeup, invest in a base. These are the best we've tried

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11 best foundations for your skin’s need

Dewy? All night coverage? Acne control? We've found the hard-workers you face needs


6 party beauty trends and exactly how to get them

Looking for a new look this Christmas? These are the new party beauty trends you HAVE to try

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