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Is an eyeliner tattoo the way forward for today’s modern woman?

Eyeliner tattoo MAIN

Is an eyeliner tattoo the perfect procedure for the modern woman? Say hello to waking up with perfect cats eyes and saving yourself precious time in front of the mirror 

In today’s busy professional world, we would all love to save time in front of the mirror every morning.

That’s why the facial make-up tattoo revolution has taken the beauty world by storm and what used to seem like an extreme beauty enhancement, is normal in todays modern world.

People looking for a more permanent beauty treatment are now in great hands of professional artists who are able to carefully accent features and define beauty in the most natural way.

Do you adore the winged eyeliner look but can’t quite get it right?

Many of us have heard of brow tattooing and even lip tattoo transformations – but the most recent trend doing the rounds is permanent winged eyeliner.

Are you someone who spends ages getting ready? Do you adore the winged eyeliner look but can’t quite get it right? Are you looking for a confidence boost?

If this sounds like you, and you like the sound of a perfect smokey cat eye, then this may just be the the procedure for you.

Healthista decided to find out more and spoke to someone who has experienced it for themselves, 36 year-old Kay.

Kay had her treatment at the legendary global centre of excellence for Permanent Makeup & Aesthetics; Tracie Giles and her cherry-picked team of international world-class technicians.

Boasting with celebrity clientele the salon is situated in the uber luxurious neighbourhood of Knightsbridge, London.

Here’s what Kay had to say about the treatment…

eyeliner tattoo tracie giles permanent make up transformation

‘Cleopatra here I come’

I know many people may freak out at the thought of such a procedure as it involves eyes, needles and the word permanent, but let me assure you, after going through the process first hand, the master of permanent make-up that is Tracie Giles ensured I had nothing to worry about.

Firstly this is no regular eye liner tattoo, this is an advanced, highly skilled technique only performed by very few who can master the technique.

The Whipshaded Eyeliner Tattoo technique joins the Lash Enhancing Eyeliner and Liquid Look Liner with bespoke shape and shading effect that accentuates, defines and enhances in the most nature way.

You can ask your technician to go as fine or as dramatic as you like. It gives you that wide awake, smokey eyes look that sexy, elegant and sophisticated all at the same time.

applying eyeliner every day can be time consuming and feels like such a chore!

Not only does it save you time when it comes to your daily beauty routine, but it gives you a serious confidence boost too.

I get up for work early, and so applying eyeliner every day can be time consuming and feels like such a chore! I just wanted that feeling of jumping out of bed and being ready to go, having one less thing to faff-around with.

I also really wanted this for confidence reasons so when people see me in the mornings or without my make-up I would not look so different to how I do on a day-to-day basis – especially for those beachy holiday days.

eyeliner tattoo permanent eyeliner

The Treatment…

Your technician will first take you through a consultation to address any concerns you may have. You will choose your preferred colour, ranging from deep black to browns.

The process begins with cleansing the eye area, followed by the drawing on of the initial eyeliner with a pencil, setting it with powder for the desired look to ensure you are happy before the procedure begins.

I was somewhat nervous about this procedure as my eye area is sensitive and having a needle on the inside of my lids as well as the outside was not the most comforting thought, but my technician Misha put my mind at ease and had my complete confidence and trust.

My eyes watered a little at the start but I felt no stinging reaction

Misha started the tattoo with the end flicks which required no numbing cream. Her feather light touch made me feel no discomfort, it just felt like light vibrations on my skin.

Then Misha applied the numbing cream across the lash line for around 15 to 20 minutes before continuing with the main process.

I only felt a little discomfort – more like irritation after the first few passes as the eye area was becoming more sensitive between the passes but this I was told is normal.

On the third or fourth pass I did experience some redness as my eye area is quite sensitive, but I was strongly reassured that this was also normal for sensitive eyes and will go down in a few days following the procedure.

Do keep in mind that the initial colour will fade by 50 percent in the weeks to come

For sensitive eyes, numbing cream would usually be applied after every pass, with an average of three to four passes to complete the procedure.

My eyes watered a little at the start but I felt no stinging reaction and the process was comfortable overall.

My eyes remained completely closed the whole time, however I was periodically shown the work that was taking place to make sure that I was happy with the procedure.

Do keep in mind that the initial colour will fade by 50 percent in the weeks to come so it won’t be as dramatic as it first appears.

Eyeliner tattoo MAIN

‘The full healing period will take around two weeks’

I was told not to wash my eyes or wear any make-up for the next five to seven days. The main point was to keep the eye area as dry as possible.

I was also advises to avoid steam rooms and saunas, and to refrain from strenuous exercise for five to seven days. If peeling occurs try not to touch or peel the skin.

I was given the Ultimate Skin Recovery Kit to speed up the healing process, which contained a cleansing spray that I could use morning and night to gently cleanse my eyes.

I was told that any initial redness or swelling should go down within two to five days, with the full healing period taking two weeks – which was accurate.

After this healing period is complete I was due back in for my retouch appointment. I highly recommend this treatment – get yourself booked in now!

Prices start from: £795

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