The new ‘Zone Dome’ treadmill that feels like you’re running in the world’s most exotic locations

Shouldn’t running be an enjoyable experience rather than a painful one, no matter where you’re running?  The new Zone Dome feels you’re like running through exotic locations from the Great Barrier Reef to Vince Beach

If you’re one of the five million recreational runners in the UK, then you’ll probably agree that running on a treadmill is the least enjoyable aspect ever about running (except blisters and chafing, of course).  The fun part – yes, running CAN be fun – about running is exploring new places and enjoying the scenery.

Zone Dome 1

Running Unlimited‘s new Zone Dome, dubbed the ‘IMAX for treadmills,’ aims to make indoor running fun and rewarding with beautiful scenic runs in locations all over the world delivered on 3D film in a giant dome at the head of the treadmill.  From Pacific beaches to a New Zealand mountain valley, the Great Barrier Reef to Venice Beach it’s all in Zone Dome’s growing film library.

‘We’ve got 20 locations already, and we’re going to hopefully double that in the next six months, adding cities and other gorgeous locations around the world,’ said Kevin Hewitt, founder of the Zone Dome.

Zone Dome

Looking south at the Utah/Arizona boarder. US-Rt. 163 in Monument Valley, Utah.

Run in the footsteps of Forrest Gump through Monument Valley in the southwestern United States, along the famous route 66, or even in the Mongolian foothills.  No matter where you choose to run, the immersion into the environment is unbelievable.

‘I found that as waves started coming in from my right, in an instinctive reaction I wondered off slightly to the left to try and avoid getting wet,’ said Jimmy Norval of Men’s Running.

Hewitt also claims that Running Unlimited is looking to ‘game-ify’ the Zone Dome, where a friend in London could compete with a friend in New York, and some maps may need to be unlocked to run on.

‘Do this distance in that time, you can unlock the next piece and you can go further and explore more.’ explains Hewitt.  Indeed, this would add quite the interesting challenge to the already enjoyable and rewarding experience that is the Zone Dome.

While Zone Dome is still a fairly new concept, you can find them in FITspace gyms in Birmingham and some in London, including the Jubilee Hall Trust Gym, Covent Garden.


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