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6 Victoria’s Secret models’ diet and workout secrets

How these Victoria's Secret models look THAT amazing MAIN

These Victoria’s Secret models diet and exercise secrets show it’s not all glitter and sequins in prep for the show – here’s how they do it from Olivia Hartland-Robbins

On the 8th November the world’s most well known catwalk event ‘The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show took place in New York. The models hit the catwalk for the annual fashion show that can only be described as a stunning lingerie extravaganza.

This year the show was colourful and even floral due to the collaboration with London-based designer Mary Katrantzou aka the ‘Queen of Prints’.

The models strutted their stuff to the music of mega stars including, Shawn Mendes, The Chainsmokers, Rita Ora, Halsey and Bebe Rexha.

It is not yet known when the fashion show will be aired in the UK but keep you’re eyes out, you won’t want to miss it.

You especially won’t want to miss the beautiful and enviable bodies of the world’s most beautiful women. But how do they get those banging bods? Let’s find out…

Adriana Lima: boxing, low-carb diet & omega 3


Adriana revealed that this was her last time walking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The model broke down in tears whilst on the runway after confirming that 19 years of walking for the brand was coming to an end, and that she will be ‘hanging up her wings’.

The gorgeous Brazillian model Adriana Lima has often spoken about her love of boxing workouts, including both cardio exercises and strength work. Adriana shares many pictures and videos of her boxing workouts on Instagram.

Speaking about her boxing workouts with the Independent she revealed that they are ‘very intense and make you sweat’. The model also revealed that the combination of boxing workouts and a low-carb diet have ‘completely transformed (her) body’, sounds good to us Adriana.

Adriana, who is a 37-year-old mother of two, told the Independent ‘I try to live a healthy lifestyle all year around’. Adriana explains that she amps up her workouts around the Victoria’s Secret show to more days a week and is far stricter with herself when it comes to cutting down out the sweet treats and drastically limits her carbohydrate intake before the famous runway show.

Adriana isn’t just front-page news for being a stunning catwalk model, but also for her amazing post-baby body. She told the Daily Star ‘I eat a lot of protein and green vegetables, and I always take supplements like Omega 3, and a multivitamin containing vitamin B12, antioxidants and zinc’.

Lima told Vogue, that she likes to do a lot of skipping a month and a half before the fashion show, but that boxing is still her absolute favourite, ‘I have been doing boxing for over 10 years, it’s a passion of mine. Since you’re not wearing much and you’re on television, you have to pay attention to different areas’.

Lima also told America’s Glamour magazine, ‘During my everyday life I am in sports clothes – my children know that! I drive the kids to school and after that I go to the gym, if there is a day I don’t do that, my kids ask, ‘where are you going?’

The model explains that her everyday life involves exercise, ‘I can’t function if I don’t have my exercise or I don’t meditate. That’s how I have to start my day to wake me up,’ says Lima.

The Brazillian beauty also admitted that she has an ‘athletic mindset’ and is incredibly passionate about working out and fitness. Adriana believes that people need to find their own goals and motivation.

Lima explains, ‘Look at what your goals are, who do you want to be, where do you see yourself and from there you go to working out, nutrition, choosing the right workout gear – that will affect your consciousness. The key thing is to find a work out you like and stick to it; you need to keep moving. I usually listen to music, it wakes me up and motivates me, it gets me in the zone.

‘You are the one who has to figure out what makes you happy, whatever that is. If it’s taking a walk, dancing, that’s a form of workout. It’s a matter of doing the little things that make you smile – that’s the secret to life’.

Does that mean walking to the nearest high street and shopping till you drop counts Adriana? We hope so.

Elsa Hosk: dance cardio & clean eating


Swedish stunner Elsa Hosk had the honour this year of wearing the Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fantasy Bra, following in the footsteps of Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima who have all worn the show stopping Fantasy Bra, a tradition that was started in 1996.

The $1million dollar bra was created by Atelier Swarovski. Containing 71 carats, the bra was made using 100 per cent Swarovski diamonds and responsibly sourced topaz. The ‘Dream Angels Fantasy Bra’ also comes with a body chain, using over 2,000 diamonds and took a staggering 930 hours to make – blimey.

This year, Victoria’s Secret fans will be able to get their hands on a less expensive version of this brilliantly beautiful bra. For the first time ever, an altered version, still made up of Swarovski crystals will be available to by for $250 on November 29th.

The incredibly beautiful model is world famous with nearly five million Instagram followers. Before her modelling career, Elsa used to play professional basketball, ‘I made my dad put up a basket on my street, and I would just practice all day,’ Elsa revealed to The Sun. After two years spent as a professional basketball player, Elsa had to choose between basketball and modelling.

The 5″10 model revealed to Elle Magazine that this year, she has been trying dance cardio, ‘I’ve been training with Megan Roup, who does dance cardio. It’s lots of toning moves for the glutes, legs, and arms. She’s just really fun—I like to mix it up as much as possible,’ says Hosk.

In the run up to the show Hosk also told Elle Magazine that she tries to hit the gym every single day, ‘I do take days off when my body’s exhausted, but I’m really trying to keep up the work six, seven times a week until the show is on’. The model adds that she prefers body weight training as ‘heavy weights can make me really angry,’ she explains.

Where food is concerned Hosk reveals that she doesn’t follow any specific fitness and diet regime, as it will only make her crave everything she can’t have.

‘Every year I learn more about what works for me and what doesn’t I think it’s really all about balance I try to stay away from processed food and eat organic with lots of vegetables and really nourishing foods to keep me strong. You have to eat properly to do the show because it’s a lot of energy—and the runway is long!

‘The happier I am and the less rules I put on myself, the better I look,’ she tells Elle Magazine.

Behati Prinsloo: cardio, weights, high protein & veggies


Behati Prinsloo is making her Victoria’s Secret comeback after two years away having and caring for her two children. The Namibian model is married to hunky Maroon 5 band leader, Adam Levine. Prinsloo has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2009. The 30 year old beauty began modelling after she was discovered in a grocery store after church – amen.

Speaking to the Cut in 2016 about on all things wellness, Prinsloo revealed that she likes to start her day with coffee and a dash of almond milk. She also reveald that she loves breakfast, ‘I’ll make avocado toast with two eggs on the side. I like to do oatmeal with berries and honey. If I go out, I love eggs Benedict or an omelette.

Behati Prinsloo Instagram

‘Before I had a baby, I was not a morning person, but I am now. I get up really early. For my morning skin-care routine, I’ll start by washing my face. I use a nice eye cream, and then the essence. If it’s daytime, I’ll do an oil-free SPF. Sometimes I’ll add a BB cream to get a little color. I like to curl my lashes because I don’t always put on mascara,’ explains Prinsloo.

Training-wise the model explained to Harpers Bazaar this year that, ‘A typical training day would include cardio and weight training. I would work out about four times a week and then take a couple of days off and eat very clean. My body responds well to high protein with veggies. The week prior, I cut out pasta, which is so hard because it’s my favourite’.

Prinsloo took to Instragram to show off her amazing post-pregnancy body.

‘After two babies back to back, doing the @victoriassecret show felt like a distant dream haha. But I’m so proud to be back and proud of my body and what it can do, feeling stronger than ever and healthier than ever with two beautiful baby girls. #girlpower’.

Toni Garrn: fasting, sugar cutting & Barry’s Bootcamp


Another stunning model returning this year is 26 year old Toni Garrn. Returning after five years this will be the fourth time this German goddess has strutted down the cat walk for the famous fashion show.

The leggy blonde who dated Leonardo DiCaprio back in 2014 told Hello Magazine, ‘I believe detoxing and fasting can be very healthy for a period of time.’

Garrn added, ‘Generally, I try to stay in a certain shape all year round. Normally we don’t have time to prepare for big jobs. No sugar really does go a huge way unfortunately’.

Although the blonde bombshell tries to cut back on sugar as much as possible, she reveals that Ice Cream is her weakness, ‘Ice cream, I cant pass a gelateria without going in. Italy is a nightmare place for me to stay in shape’.

Exercise-wise, Garrn told W Magazine, ‘I love to sweat, so I’ll do any workout class. I do love Barry’s Boot Camp and have recently been getting into spinning, but it really depends on the music. I love to go 305 Fitness dance class because there’s actually a DJ in the room, they have amazing music and you can really dance your ass off’.

Winnie Harlow: cardio, vegetables & vitamins


This year Winnie Harlow made history as the first model with vitaligo (a skin condition where pale patches develop on the skin) to walk Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. The model developed the skin condition when she was just four years old. Harlow was recognised by previous Victoria’s Secret model Tyra Banks and took part in the 21st season of America’s Next Top Model.

The 24 year old Canadian beauty told Elle Magazine, ‘There is a big shift happening in the fashion industry in terms of beauty standards, and I feel I’m part of that shift.’

The stunning model who featured in a Beyonce music video, spoke to British Vogue about her fitness routine. She revealed that ‘in London, I have a lot of different trainers but my go-to gym is Third Space. I also have a gym in my condo in Canada, so I work out a lot there too’.

Harlow also revealed that she hates cardio, ‘I hate cardio and I have to do a lot of it currently but I really don’t like it, I prefer weight training. Pilates is a lot of fun too, as I love to stretch’.

As well as hating cardio, it seems Harlow also doesn’t like trainers who don’t focus on stretching after her workouts. Again speaking to British Vogue, Harlow explained, ‘If I meet a new trainer, I always let them know that I love to stretch, and if they just make me put my arms up above my head and hold them for a few seconds I have to switch trainers. I did ballet when I was younger and I still practice my stretches after a workout’.

Where Harlow’s diet is concerned she says that eating healthy makes her feel better so she doesn’t resent restrictions to her diet.

‘I’m trying to eat well as it is a part of my job. I think it’s great though because I do feel brighter and lighter when I am eating healthily. I’ll eat lots of vegetables, fill up on seafood, some fruit here and there, and make sure I take my vitamins and drink lots of water. I take multi-vitamins and a fibre supplement to keep my digestive system on track and a probiotic to keep everything in balance’. Try Biocare FemForte Multi £27.50 and Psylliam Intensive (Fibre Supplement) £12.35.

Taylor Hill: Pilates, weights & no crazy restrictions


This year the young 22 year old beauty, Taylor Hill was given the honour of opening the fabulous fashion show. The model may seem new to the scene but she has in fact been modelling for seven years.

Has she always had that incredible figure? More than likely but this year Hill told Harpers Bazaar that her lean physique is thanks to her personal trainer Lauren Duhamel, who specialises in building long, lean muscles.

‘We do a lot of muscle isolation exercises where you do slow, controlled movements for certain areas of your body that you’re trying to target,’ Hill told Harpers Bazaar. This most likely includes, Pilates, ankle weights and small isolated movements to really make those muscles burn.

Hill admitted that she doesn’t find her fitness regime easy – at least one of them doesn’t. Hill explains, ‘It’s hard because you have a lot more little muscles than you think you do. When you activate them, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. My whole body was quivering. I can’t control my shaking; it’s crazy.

‘I think you have to really make it a part of your life. The way I take care of myself is a lifestyle. I try to exercise and make sure that I sleep, and drink a lot of water, and wash my face twice a day… all the little things you can do to ensure that you can maintain a crazy life’.

Hill also revealed that she likes to work out at least three times a week, for an hour at a time. ‘Keeping it consistent is really good, so you make up your mind that you work out three times a week for an hour and it becomes a part of your life and your schedule. It becomes easier and easier,’ explains Hill.

When it comes to her diet, Hill refuses to conform to the restricted diet that most models live by. Hill revealed. ‘I like to eat everything. I love Japanese food. They’re geniuses. I love sushi, Udon noodles and then I adore pizza—that kind of stuff,’ so do we Taylor, so do we.

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