This weight loss workout will change your body

Our weight loss workout series returns with trainer and co-founder of Your Body Programme Terry Fairclough – go forth and sweat!

Are you short on time but need to head to the gym after the holidays? This full body 25 minute Tabata weight loss workout is just what you need to burn your fat and start the year off right.

These weight loss workouts are all circuit-based routines structured to keep your work rate up to a high level of intensity and make sure you are getting the most out of your workout.

Let’s see what trainer Terry Fairclough, co-founder of Your Body Programme has for you. Don’t forget while this workout may be 25 minutes long your heart will race and your sweat will cry.

Cicuit #3

This workout is structured into three mini-circuits with two exercises per mini-circuit. You are to perform 20 seconds of exercise per move before resting ten seconds and then moving on to the second move of the circuit. Completion of these two moves equals to one set and you must complete five five sets in total before rewarding yourself with three minutes of rest and moving on to the next mini-circuit and repeating this process.

Mini-circuit one 

  1. Sprint – 20 seconds
  2. Rest – 10 seconds
  3. Press up shoulder taps – 20 seconds
  4. Rest – 10 seconds

Complete 5 sets then rest three minutes

Mini-circuit two

  1. Bosu burpees – 20 seconds
  2. Rest – 10 seconds
  3. Goblet squats – 20 seconds
  4. Rest – 10 seconds

Complete 5 sets then rest three minutes

Mini-ciruit three 

  1. Barbell row – 20 seconds
  2. Rest – 10 seconds
  3. Kettlebell swing – 20 seconds
  4. Rest – 10 seconds

Complete 5 sets

     Your Body Programme was founded by Terry Fairclough and Luisa Valenti.

The idea came about after Terry and Luisa saw other personal trainers regularly offering the same generic plan to every client, regardless of gender, goal or body type.

Terry and Luisa are passionate about the need to train everyone as an individual to achieve maximum results, and therefore don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach.

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