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Fitness fads exposed – #1 Spot reducing fat

It’s time to stop feeding on the fitness fads and myths that prevent us from reaching our weight loss goals. Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Sports Scientist, Annabelle Johnstone-Dougall, is here to expose common fitness fads

We can all hold our hand up high for having tried some kind of faddy diet or fitness regime promising your dream body and then feeling disappointed it hasn’t delivered the results we desired (sigh). Well don’t blame yourself if the scales aren’t budging, remember that saying, ‘if it seems to good to be true, it probably is’.

It only seemed right to find out what the top five fitness fads and myths are to help save yourselves from wasting hours in the gym, money and disappointment. This called for some expert advice from Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Sports Scientist, Annabelle Johnstone-Dougall in this five-part series revealing the fitness fads and myths not to fall for.

#1 – Spot reducing fat

‘Let’s be real you’ve been guilty of attempting to shed belly fat by doing hours of core work every week. Well, you’re not alone! Far too often I have ladies asking me, ‘what exercises can I do to get rid of fat from my thighs or my arms or my belly?’.

‘Unfortunately, your body is not really concerned about whether you have six pack abs or about losing those love handles before your summer vacation. Physiologically fat reduction is a whole body mechanism and we can’t choose where our body loses the fat from. So if targeting our wobbly bits with specific exercises isn’t the answer then what is?

‘The key to any weight loss goal boils down to creating a calorie deficit – so less energy in, more energy out. Which can be achieved through a variety of sustainable lifestyle changes. However, research suggests the most effective way to trim down is through a combination of consistent exercise particularly HIIT and choosing foods that nourish your body.’

bio-picAnnabelle Johnstone-Dougall is an Australian Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist practising in London having completed her Honours degree at the University of Queensland in 2016.  As an Exercise Physiologist, Annabelle focuses on the prescription of exercise as medicine for a wide variety of conditions including metabolic syndromes, weight loss, cardiorespiratory and renal complications, musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions, mental health issues, disability, cancer, and geriatric care. Having competed in both triathlon and cycling at a national level, Sports Science is also an area for which Annabelle always had an intense passion and has been involved with sports performance, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning across a variety of sub-elite and elite sports.

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