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Reduce anxiety with this quick breathing technique


Want to reduce anxiety? Vikings actress and yoga teacher Maude Hirst, founder of Energy Rise explains alternate nostril breathing – a yogic technique that helps

Bring mindfulness into your life as our breathing series continues with Nadi Shodhana pranayama (alternate nostril breathing). This yogic breathing technique works by inhaling and exhaling one nostril at a time. Release that built up tension and calm your busy mind.

A study in 2013 found that those who practiced alternate nostril breathing had lowered stress and improved cardiovascular functions.

Hilray Clinton is known to have used alternate nostril breathing to treat her anxiety, and if its good enough for Hilary why not?

Steps for alternate nostril breathing:

  1. Start by placing your peace fingers on the centre of your forehead, your thumb over your right nostril and your fourth finger over your left nostril
  2. Release your thumb and inhale through inhale through the right nostril for four seconds
  3. Close both nostrils and hold your breath for four seconds
  4. Then release the left nostril and exhale
  5. Hold both nostrils and hold your breathe again for four seconds
  6. Repeat for 10-20 rounds

Maude Hirst anxiety

Maude Hirst is a born and bred East Londoner, best known for her role as Helga in the hit TV show ‘Vikings. She is an actor turned mindfulness teacher on a mission to make mindfulness accessible to everyone. Discovering yoga and meditation has totally changed her life for the better and she believes it can do the same for you.

Maude is trained in yoga, meditation, intuitive movement meditation, Theta Healing and Reiki and has created her company EnergyRise ( to bring you an array of mindfulness practices in order to cater to your individual needs.

At a time where there is more stress and anxiety in the world than ever before, Maude believes mindfulness is the key to bringing some calm, clarity and direction to your life through simple practices. Empowering you to listen to what truly makes you happy and who you truly are.

Instagram: maudehirst

Twitter: maudehirst

Facebook: maudehirstyoga

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