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30 day yoga challenge

30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 7- Chaturanga

Main Image, Sarah Malcolm, 30 Day Yoga Challenge by Healthista

Chaturanga, or low plank pose, is the focus of day seven of our yoga challenge. Teacher Sarah Malcolm demonstrates two variations of the pose that will help build your skills

Welcome to day seven of Healthista’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge, with leading London yoga teacher, Sarah Malcolm (@sarahmalcs), where you learn in detail a different pose or aspect of yoga every day. If you’re just joining us, click here to go to day one and see below for links to the other days in the series.

Sarah Malcolm headshot

Chaturanga – Low Plank Pose

Today, you will be learning Chaturanga, a low plank pose, which helps to support the spine and improve posture.

The pose improves balance, as well as toning the arms, lower back and stomach. The two variations of Chaturanga you will learn in this sequence are the Cobra and Full Cobra.

Check back in tomorrow for the next move in our yoga challenge video series.

Our 30 day yoga challenge

Each day you will be learning a new aspect to the practice, so in a month you will have learned the basic yoga poses in depth and participate in classes or do a proper sequence yourself.

Shockingly to most people, yoga is a meditation that anyone can do. You don’t need a specific body type to master the practice, you just need the right skills – and you don’t need to be bendy!  Our 30 day challenge will give you the skills to become a true yogi.

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In our video series, Sarah is dressed by lululemon

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