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Yoga and meditation


Yoga and meditation

Anxiety? This one minute breathing technique will calm you down

Vikings actress and yoga teacher Maude Hirst, founder of Energy Rise  shows us Ujjayi, which translates into ‘victorious’ and is a technique that helps to calm the nervous system and minimizing anxiety According to an Italian study, a group of 69 participants, generalised with anxiety disorders,depression or similar conditions, were put through a workshop in Surdashan […]

vinyasa flow yoga for sleep - featured

Yoga and meditation

Got insomnia? This calming yoga routine will help you sleep

The final in our 30 minute vinyasa flow yoga series is the perfect pre-bed wind-down

Improve your posture with this 30 minute vinyasa flow routine - warrior pose - featured

Yoga and meditation

This vinyasa flow yoga routine will improve your posture

Want to stretch your shoulders and open your chest? Try this 30-minute vinyasa flow yoga routine from Sarah Malcolm, part two or our flow series

yoga challenge day one - energising morning flow

30 day yoga challenge

This 30-minute morning yoga routine will boost your energy

So you've finished the 30 day yoga challenge with Sarah Malcolm? Put your new skills to the test with this 30-minute morning yoga sequence which will energise you for the day ahead

guided meditation for relationships - meditating by window - guided meditation - featured

Video quick fixes

This guided meditation will improve your relationships

Maude Hirst, founder of Meditate with Maude, brings you a 10 minute guided meditation to boost self-awareness and confidence and impact your relationships 

meditation for trust - guided meditation - featured

Yoga and meditation

10 minute guided meditation to help you build trust in yourself

Actor and meditation teacher Maude Hirst demonstrates how to build trust in yourself and the people around you in this guided meditation