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New fitness trend: RESISTANCE SLIDING

Resistance Sliding is the latest fitness craze to hit London - we tried it and it BURNS! You saw it here first


Simple breathing to calm you down fast

'Tis the season of stress. Take a moment with yoga teacher Lisa Sanfilippo to learn this calming yogic breathing technique


The new organic super-powders loved by bloggers that claim to energise and alkalise your body

Healthista TV caught up with the creators of new Organic Super Blends to find out what it's all about


'I found the funny side of breast cancer' – how doing a stand up routine about her treatment helped one woman cope

A breast cancer diagnosis is one of the most serious things a woman can face. But for Maggie Matthews, 42, making light of it in a stand up comedy routine was just the therapy she needed (PS - watch the video, she really is hilarious)


Women's Sport – British superwomen cyclists win SIX gold medals at European Track Championships

The British women's cycling bagged a humungous six - yes six! - gold medals at the European Elite Track Cycling Championships and legendary runner Jo Pavey isn't giving up on her Olympic dream even at 43 - Daniel Conklin brings you the latest in women's sport


Yoga to help you sleep: 15 minute yoga for sleep sequence

Yoga teacher Lisa Sanfilippo takes you through soporific yoga moves and Ayurvedic marma points to help even the most wired switch off and slumber