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Vitamin Injections- what really happens?

Healthista writer and needle-phobe Parisa Hashempour tries and reviews a weightloss vitamin treatment at Vitamin Injections London - ouch!

Fed up with being told to eat clean? 5 reasons to eat dirty – cheese, wine, chocolate and meat are good for you

There seems to be a lot of people out there telling us to eat clean (no, we don't know what it means either). Put down the salad - here are five reasons to eat 'dirty' food again (it's good for you)

Mental Health

6 ways virtual reality will soon change YOUR health

Virtual reality is now being used for health and wellbeing. Taking you to another world, it's shown potential as a mental health treatment, and even in simulating a full-body workout

10 surprising signs of gut problems

From violent sneezing to brittle nails, the signs your gut is in bad shape are not always as obvious as bloating, says nutritionist Jeannette Hyde, author of new book The Gut Makeover

Real Life

Why are young fit people dying of cardiac arrest?

Why are young, healthy, often athletes, dying suddenly because the heart has stopped? During Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) Awareness Week, Vanessa Chalmers investigates how it can be prevented… Its 7am on Monday morning and I can hear my


8 signs of alcohol abuse even smart women miss

Not all alcohol abuse can be obvious, in fact many of the signs can be hidden. Here, hypnotherapist and alcohol addiction specialist Georgia Foster, explains the signs of alcohol abuse that even smart women can miss

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