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13 insomnia remedies to help you sleep better

A recent study revealed that sleeping with the TV on may contribute to weight gain. Try these innovative insomnia remedies to help you sleep better

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Got insomnia? Your gut bacteria may be to blame

Editor Anna Magee reports on the rise of the new sleepbiotics

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Healthy Recipes

3 healthy dinner recipes to help you sleep

These three easy dinner recipes contain ingredients such as tryptophan, lycopene and magnesium to promote a good night's sleep - bon apenuit!

3 things this TV Doctor wants you to know about energy FEATURE


3 sleep tips this TV doctor wants you to try tonight

Doctor Rangan Chatterjee has inspiration for a better night's rest

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7 new insomnia fixes straight out of science fiction

You might have heard about the sleep robot but that’s not the only new insomnia fix that could cure your sleepless nights. Sharon Walker goes under the covers with the latest sleep tech


SLEEPING PILLS: A no-frills guide

Each year more than 10 million prescriptions are written for sleeping pills. Here’s what to expect when you take them