5 reasons September is THE month to set goals you'll stick to FEATURED


5 reasons September is THE month to set smart goals you’ll stick to

5 reasons September is the best month to set smart goals you'll actually stick to, and why you should start thinking about yours now

Lacking motivation X reasons group workouts are great for your physical & mental health FEATURED

Mental Health

Lacking motivation? 3 reasons group workouts may boost your mental health

Lacking motivation to hit the gym or exercise? F45 trainer Rachael Penrose reveals 3 ways working out in a group is beneficial to your mental and physical health

8 natural ways to increase libido - a nutritionist's guide FEATURED


8 natural ways to increase libido – a nutritionist’s guide

From exercise habits to medication, there are many different things that can impact your sex drive. Nutritionist Clarissa Berry, reveals 8 ways you can increase libido naturally 

kindness FEATURED

Mental Health

Be Kind: psychologist reveals how acts of kindness are PROVEN to benefit our health

It's official, being kind is good for you! Psychologist Dr Meg Arroll reveals why acts of kindness can benefit our physical and mental health  

Psychological Abuse Feature


9 steps to escaping psychological abuse

Psychological abuse doesn't leave bruises or cuts, but its wounds run much deeper. From signs of abuse to the steps on how to free yourself, Healthista finds out what can help

X best orgasm guaranteed sex toys featured

Sex Toys

7 best orgasm guaranteed sex toys

Vibrators, cock rings, clitoris stimulation and more. Healthista have found the best sex toys on the market that guarantee mind-blowing orgasms