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tammy beaumont cricket the hundred fitness tips


English Cricketer Tammy Beaumont shares her top tips on preparing for a cricket match

English cricketer and highest scorer in the Hundred, Tammy Beaumont, shares her top tips when preparing for a cricket match


How Serena Williams got so incredibly fit

Serena Williams rocketed back to tennis stardom, yummy-mummyness and Wimbledon's final last Saturday - these are the hacks that help

Tom Daley, 5 healthy life hacks from Tom Daley by Healthista

Mood and Mind

5 healthy life hacks from Olympian Tom Daley

Tom Daley has revealed that he will marry his fiancé Dustin Lance Black - congrats guys - and Healthista is celebrating by interviewing the mega-medal winning Olympic superstar about his go-to healthy life hacks

woman fighting featured, Tips for inner fighter by


10 ways to tap into your fighter instinct from a Jiu Jitsu champion

Jiu Jitsu world champion Sam Cook reveals the importance of thinking like a fighter and how this mindset can help push you away from fear and toward triumph



Women’s sport – Jessica Ennis-Hill qualifies for Rio and Women’s World Cup kicks off in Canada

It's a hot week for women's sport - the Women’s FIFA World Cup will be commencing this weekend in Canada and our Briton superstar Jessica Ennis-Hill has qualified for Rio 2016 after finishing fourth in the Gotzis heptathlon


Women’s sport report: Serena Williams wins Australian Open and England women’s rugby team names new captain

In this week's women's sport report— celebrate with Serena on winning her 6th Australian Open title, get pumped for the women's rugby Six Nations tournament, find out why jockey Hayley Taylor received a penalty ban and enjoy some poetry that might just make you want to run a marathon