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7 minute thigh, butt and core blasting workout

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Trainer Kelly Du Buisson brings you a 7 minute thigh, butt and core blasting workout with a difference – it’s based on sliding and gliding with gliding discs – the latest hot trend in fitness – but you can also use paper plates or A4 sheets of paper

This year is flying by and you’re early January fitness resolve may be starting to dwindle. It may even have totally extinguished itself…. So let’s mix it up with some easy to use equipment and a seven minute workout that you can do at home.


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What you need

All you need is a soft Pilates ball (Bender Balls are great) and some paper plates or ‘Gliders’. This workout is great for your core and thighs, whilst also raising the heart rate. Perform it at a steady pace with no rest in between each exercise. Concentrate on good technique rather than rushing.

Warm-up Jog on the spot reaching the arms over head for one minute

Circuit instructions Repeat each exercise 10 times before moving onto the next one. Aim for two if not three circuits. This should take no more than seven minutes! Good luck.

Grab your gliders or paper plates and place the toes and the ball of the foot on the plate but make sure the heel stays on the floor (this is your brake).

Side step squat 1Side step squat, by










1. Side step squats Slide from side to side as if doing a side step but as you bring your feet together squat low. Repeat ten times. This is a great exercise for waking up the glutes and quads and adductors of the inner thigh.

Mountain climbers, by

Mountain climbers, by









2. Mountain climbers: Bring hands to floor but keep feet on gliders. Keeping your shoulders directly over your wrists slide your legs in and out quickly bring knees to the chest. Repeat ten times. Great for really tightening those abs and keeping the hips supple!

Grab your bender ball (if you don’t have a bender ball a cushion or even a football will do!)

100 2

ball between knees exercise, by










3. 100s: Place ball between knees and lift into table top. Lift head and shoulders into a curl position and reach arms out at sides. Pulsing the arms up and down and squeeze the knees together. Count to 100 breathing in for five pulses breathing out for five, repeat ten times.

side lunge to plank, by



Side Lunge to plank, by




Side lunge to plank, by









4. Side lunge to plank: Place your gliders and ball to one side and stand tall. Step one leg out wide into a side lunge and lower hands to the floor. Jump both feet back into a plank position then jump them back into a side lunge. Push off heels and return to standing stepping feet to the centre. Repeat on the other side. Aim for ten repetitions this will raise the heart rate and challenge all the stabilisers including glutes, obliques and outer thighs, whilst using the quads, rectus abdominals and shoulders to create power.

Roll up to reverse plank, by

Roll up to reverse plank, by Healthista.comRoll up to reverse plank, by










5. Roll up to reverse plank: Place ball between knees and lay on floor with knees bent. Squeeze knees rolling up to sitting. Place hands to floor behind you and lift hips ups looking to ceiling and lengthening legs away. Lower to floor, bend knees and roll back to ground keeping knees pressed together. This will engage your lower core muscles and open out the chest and shoulders, whilst toning those arms and glutes!

Roll onto your side and sit up placing one hand to the floor.

Glute squeeze, by Healthista.comGlute squeeze 1







6. Glute Squeezes: Place ball into the back of the top knee. Lift chest and rotate top knee from hip bringing it forwards and back. Repeat ten times then swap sides. Feel those glutes burn!

Now do your jogs on the spot for one minute again before starting another circuit from the beginning. Repeat 2-3 times.

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kelly du buisson headshotKelly Du Buisson is a leading London trainer specialising in short, high intensity workouts that get her clients super-fit, super-fast. She is also the creator of The 7 Minute Workout: The Fastest Way To Shred Fat And Change Your Body Shape For Good, available from Amazon.

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