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5 reasons you’re not seeing results from your workout routine

Sports nutritionist David Stache reveals 5 key reasons you may not be seeing results, from your workout routine plus what you can do to help

Have you been working away at a fitness and nutrition plan but not seeing the results you expected?

Whilst there is no better feeling than seeing the scales drop after putting in hours and hours of hard work, there is nothing worse than realising your hard work has not paid off.

Fear not, Healthitsa caught up with expert sports nutritionist David Stache from Instant Knockout.

With clients including boxers Tyson Fury and Nicola Adams, we were all ears to hear his expert advice on why not seeing results is far more common than you think and what you can do to change it.

Reason #1 You’re making poor diet choices

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain or improved conditioning, your diet needs to follow suit. You could be working tirelessly in the gym but if you are not fuelling your body, you will not see the results.

Many commonly believe that restricting calories will be the key to getting results, but doing this too drastically will leave you low on energy during your workouts and you will also not have the nutrients you need to rebuild and repair your muscles.

Whilst a regular workout regime is one piece of the puzzle to help you see results, a healthy diet is another huge aspect to support your goals and will play a huge part in helping you get the results you are trying to achieve.

5 reasons you are not seeing results from your workout regime fast food poor nutrition choices

If you struggle with your diet and making healthy food choices, you could try incorporating a supplement into your diet which helps fight cravings, such as Instant Knockout cut, £35 for 120 capsules.

This all-natural weight management supplement combines essential fat-burning and performance enhancing ingredients to speed up metabolism, reduce hunger cravings and increase energy levels, helping you get the results you deserve.

Reason #2 Your workouts are too demanding

Smashing through workouts on the gym floor is a great sign that you are giving your new regime your all, but if you are left glued to your chair all day as it has wiped you out, you may be working too hard.

What we do in the gym is only a small part of getting results and research has shown that as you push beyond what your body is capable of recovering from, it slows you down to conserve energy.

Remember: results don’t happen overnight and training smart is far more important than barely being able to crawl out of the gym.

5 reasons you are not seeing results from your workout regime working out too much

Reason #3 You aren’t getting enough sleep

Poor sleep can drastically sabotage your workout results. The reason is because sleep deprivation makes it more difficult for you to have enough energy to push through your workouts and could force you to start skipping sessions.

Poor sleep can also impact the hormones that control appetite, making you more likely to binge on unhealthy, sugary snacks that will undo all the efforts you have put in at the gym.

try taking a hot bath before bed

You should be aiming for around seven to nine hours each night for optimal results. To promote a deeper, more peaceful sleep, you could try taking a hot bath before bed, and avoid using any electronic devices within an hour before you try to go to sleep.

If you are sleeping right, your body will let you know one way or another.

5 reasons you are not seeing results from your workout regime poor sleep

Reason #4 You’re not monitoring your workouts

When it comes to seeing results and progressing, consistency is one of the key things. However, if you are not monitoring your progress, you will never know where there are gaps to improve or what you are doing well.

A good rule here is to review your previous workouts as you plan the next session, this way you set expectations on what you should be achieving.

Reason #5 You’re being too hard on yourself

It might be hard to believe but if you are pushing yourself too hard, you could be forcing yourself to burn out which can negatively impact your results.

Remember, your body needs to take a rest in order to restore and repair itself, so never skip a rest day. You will feel more energised and ready to go again for the next session, which will pay off a lot more than if you overdo it.

never skip a rest day

You also need to realise that it is not just about the number on the scale and you should not take for granted the other benefits you can get from a regular workout routine.

Exercise can greatly improve energy levels, mental health, mobility, and even sleep – none of which should be taken for granted.

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David Stache, Sports Nutritionist has 15 years of experience working with elite athletes and people who want to be the very best and get the most out of their body, using the power of nutrition and exercise.

His clients have included the likes of boxers Tyson Fury, Billy Joe Saunders, Nicola Adams, Josh Taylor, Jamie McDonnell, Kid Galahad and British Hammer Champion, Jess Mayho.

David’s goal is always to deliver results for those wanting to develop and realise their potential.

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