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8 best Christmas gifts for gadget lovers


Healthista’s Vanessa Chalmers rounds up the hottest Christmas gadgets every tech, gadget and health junkie will want this Christmas


Philips Avance Quick Clean Juicer £129.99 – Click Here to Buy Now


Everyone prefers their juices differently- smooth or clear, bits or not bits. The new Avance Centrifugal Juicer is able to create different textured juices, depending on your preferences. Make a refreshing clear juice, or for a more wholesome juice riche in fibre on the Higher Fibre setting. The FiberBoost technology uses a unique sieve with a wider cutting surface and bigger holes in the mesh, allowing for up to 50% extra fibres in the glass. Working with the powerful 1200W motor with smart speed means the texture will always be consistent, whether using soft berries, or a hard apple. You can even put the fruit or veg in whole, so there is no need for preparation. Once the juice is made, the pre-clean function can be used to rinse away and collect the pulp in one place for easy disposal. The device is then able to be cleaned quickly, as the blades have been designed to prevent leftovers from catching and sticking. Using the Philips Healthy Drinks app, getting your hit of fruit and veg every day in new ways will keep you motivated into the new year.


Amazon Echo, Black £149.99 – Click Here to Buy Now

amazon-echo-gadget-christmas-gift-guide-by-healthista-com2The Echo is a speaker with a smart voice inside- Alexa. A rival to Apple Siri, Alexa plays your music from Spotify with incredible sound, sets alarms and timers, provides weather and traffic updates, and answers your questions. The futuristic product, available in black and white and standing at 23.5cm tall, fits in with your daily routine until its normal to speak to your house. The Echo responds by using seven noise-cancelling microphones and voice recognition, even from several feet away with the TV on, assisting in pretty much everything. ‘She’ even has the skillset to order from JustEat or turn the lights off.

For Healthistas, there is the choice to use Alexa as a personal trainer, instructing seven minute workouts, how to correctly do a push up, talk you through over thirty yoga poses, or provide a motivational quote to keep you going.

Our tester said: ‘The setup was made easier with the app, and the connection with my iPhone went really smoothly. Th e ability to set speak commander is really cool, and the voice recognition is great straight out of the box. The sound is full and the volume is as loud as you would ever like indoors, just like my Bose Soundbar. 8/10 but I am sure that I would get more comfortable over time and if I had the right Amazon account. It would also be great if you could give it a name new name outside the three that come standard’.


Bellabeat Leaf Urban £139.99 – Click Here to Buy Now


More than just a fitness tracker, Bellabeat has developed the Leaf Urban, following the success of their Leaf Nature last year, which tracks activity and burnt calories. The device is able to track sleep, menstrual cycle and meditation, giving busy women an overview of their health and wellness, as well as being able to predict and manage stress, and even preventing it by determining the triggers that cause it. Working with the Leaf App on your phone, it analyses lifestyle habits to help create a better, healthier lifestyle. The Leaf Urban is a game changer for wearable tech, coming in a water-resistant beautiful silver or rose gold leaf design, that can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, or simple clip.


DYSON Supersonic Hair Dryer – Fuchsia £391.76 – Click Here to Buy Now

They said it would change your hair routine life, and our tester agrees. After a staggering £50 million of research, 1,000 miles of hair, and 600 prototypes were tested, Dyson have attempted to completely re-work the hairdryers technology which hasn’t changed in nearly a century. The Supersonic is just about worth the money for an excellent DIY blow dry. The product is lightweight, 618g, to ensure your arm doesn’t get ache-y. But with incredible speed in its V9 motor which spins up to 110,000 times per minute, the drying time is significantly reduced.

As well as giving you a quick blow-dry, the stay-cool nozzle is able to style the hair into a glossy finish, rather than a dull and fluffy finish. This is also due to its heat regulation, making sure the temperature stays under control and its damaging the hair, which can also be adjusted between four heat settings and 3 power settings for preference. The three nozzles can be attached magnetically for different uses- a diffuser for curls, a concentrator for shaping separate sections, and a smoother which uses wide air.


Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock  £74.99 – Click Here to Buy Now

philips-wake-up-light-gadget-christmas-gift-guide-by-healthistaWhat better way to wake up naturally to the sound of birds singing, and the sun slowly rising? In the dark winter months, this only seems to happen late on a Sunday morning. But Philips Wake-Up Light is making an early start much easier for 92% of users. The perfect gift for anyone who struggles to get out of bed when the alarm goes off, the ‘sun rising simulation’ light technology fills your room from soft red to bright yellow, and personalised sound options mimics dawn and prepares your body gently for the day. You can choose from five natural sounds- Bird Song, Birds in the forest, Zen Garden, Gentle piano and Seaside Sounds- or FM radio, adjust the length of wake up time, and if you are still struggling, you can tap to snooze.




Drop Non-Slip Connected Kitchen Scale/Cocktail Maker £69.95 – Click Here to Buy Now

A gadget that makes cooking easier is always rated highly at Healthista. This piece of kit connects to your iPhone or iPad by Bluetooth and takes you step by step through a recipe, ensuring a perfect cook, bake, or cocktail every time- regardless of experience. You begin by placing a bowl on the scale and selecting from hundreds of popular and creative recipes from established food bloggers and companies such as Food 52 on the app. The app weights an ingredient as it is put into the bowl, and continues onto the next step once enough has been added. The best thing about the device is the guidance, as each recipe has photos, video tips, substitute ingredients, and even a recalibration function, so if you run out of an ingredient, it can adjust the recipe accordingly. No more Googling ‘why is my Victoria sponge raw in the middle?’


Limited Edition Oral B GENIUS 9000 Rose Gold Electric Toothbrush £186 – Click Here to Buy Now


A rather glamorous toothbrush, the Oral-B Genius 9000 is getting in on the rose gold trend. Not only that, but you can personalise it with the choice of twelve coloured LED lights round the neck of the brush. For the gleaming white beam, the 3DWhite whitening brush head mimics the shape of a dentist’s tool to polish surface stains. In fact, no surface will go untouched, as the Oral-B phone app will guide you to every zone in your mouth for a timed two minutes. How do you know if your pressing too hard? The brush features automatic speed reduction, which alerts you and slows down the brushing speed. But the choice of different modes, including soft gum cleaner, tongue cleaner, daily mode, or whitening mode ensures you get the results you want. It comes in a travel case too, which can charge both the brush and your phone. Our tester said she saw whiter teeth results within a week of using it.


Happy Plug Wireless Earphones £79.99


Earphones are becoming more and more innovative in their design to make them hassle-free. Happy Plug has used state-of-the art technology and the minimalistic Swedish style for their latest product the Happy Plugs Ear Piece. Using Bluetooth, the wireless earphones fall elegantly like a necklace either behind or in front of the neck, making your mobile accessory fit with your personal style as well as leaving you able to move freely on-the-go or at the gym. It looks clean in either a white and rose gold, blue and gold, or champagne and silver metal finish. The battery life lasts a minimum of five hours, with fantastic sound quality.

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