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The astrologer who says you can use the whole zodiac to find happiness


Horoscopes are becoming cool again but now more as life coaching tools that life predictors.  In his new book, Your Zodiac Soul  leading astrologer John Wadsworth explores the psychological effects of the zodiac signs and how you can use all of them in your life

Yesterday, even White House health advisor Dr Mehmet Oz tweeted a link to a piece about how your zodiac sign affects your health. Hmmm, we’re not sure if that’s the basis on which to pin any lifestyle choices when you have hard science as an option, Dr Oz. But one thing is certain, its symptomatic of an renewed interested in the zodiac.

Dr Oz’s tweet caused a bit of a storm

With celebrities such as Cara Delevigne and Lena Dunham making their active interest in astrology known publicly, more and more people seem interested in how the planetary positioning of the stars influence our lives.

Many people dismiss astrology, many whilst at the same time, peeking furtively at their daily sun sign forecast. The idea that the movements of the planets and stars should have a bearing on our lives is thousands of years old, but few traditional Western thinkers give it credibility.

we are all longing for something that will address the loss of meaning in our lives

So why does it still prove such a source of fascination to so many people? The answer is, perhaps, that we are all longing for something that will address the loss of meaning in our lives. The twelve signs of the zodiac, and the idea of having one of those signs as your own personal totem, stirs up a sense of wonder.

In my new book, Your Zodiac Soul I present the zodiac, as a  model of the psyche and I try to provide advice for using the characteristics of each sign in your own life to find health, balance and happiness. I call each sign a gateway and provide advice and practical exercise on how we can use the wisdom of each sign – not only the one we’re born under – at different times in our lives, because each sign, or gateway has something to teach us.  You may find it useful.



Advice: Live every moment passionately

Aries, the ram is known for courage.  This impulsive fire sign, can be quick to anger, but it teaches us to put ourselves first, and to experience life fully as it appears to us, in the here and now. The challenge is: Seize the day and live for the moment; stake your claim to be fully yourself, and set a clear intention for what you want.


Advice: Ground yourself with gratitude

Guided by the symbol of the bull or sacred cow, this steady earth sign takes the energy and impulse of the Arien fire and grounds it in the body. It offers us the gift of five senses through which to experience the bounty of life. It reminds us to practice gratitude, for what you appreciate, appreciates. This is a moment to slow down, take stock of what you have, and accept that, right now, it is enough. We should be wary of getting fixated on our bellies or our bank balance, because greed and poverty-consciousness lurk in the shadows of this gateway.



Advice:  Mind your language

The chattering twins are buzzing with information, and are conjuring up the magic of language in the air element. Here is where we learn to articulate our intentions, to trade and exchange ideas, to use language to manipulate reality. Thinking and speaking creates our experience of the world, so avoid gossip and too much complaining, remember you are casting ‘spells’ with your language. Your word is your bond with the universe. Use it creatively, and remain agile in your thinking.


Advice:  Take care of your inner child

Beneath the protective shell of the crab, lies a vulnerable, sensitive core. Thinking alone cannot penetrate here, in the deep feelings of this water sign.  Deep connection is everything for Cancer but while feeling the need for home,  we must also create a sanctuary in our own hearts. The shadows that hover around this gateway might make you feel unsafe and cause you to be overprotective. Take care of your inner child, nurture and nourish your primary needs and imagine yourself in the warm embrace of Mother Nature. Remember you’re always safe,


Advice: Experience the vital force within you

The lion is your creative fire. Be full of heart and let your true light shine out. This is not just for show, and while there are shadows of pride and hubris, do not be afraid of your greatness. Recognise yourself for the uniquely gifted individual that you are, and take the courage to express that. Your vitality can restore you to health and you can overcome any obstacle when you recognise the power of your inherent divinity. May the force be with you!


Advice: Cultivate your body wisdom

Find a daily rhythm that works for you and, without becoming puritanical, find ways to simplify your life, to purify your body and mind.  Put in the effort necessary to harvest what is useful, that which serves your well-being, and cultivate its essence. In other words, by all means get the work done, but don’t forget to take care of you – all of you.


Advice: Seek balance and beauty

Libra draws you into relationship, and invites you to seek the middle path, the balance. Make peace with others, without brushing conflict under the rug. Stay in your centre and allow the tensions around you to be acknowledged. Look into the face of an adversary, as you would a mirror; look for their true beauty, and recognise your own.



Advice: Face your shadow

The scorpion brings the sting of winter, of nights drawing in around us like a dark cloak. At this gateway, we are reminded that one day we will die, and this compels us to look deeper at who we really are, to honour the depth in our soul. Nothing but the truth will suffice now, there is no room left for pretending. Consider that the suppression of your truth may be the underlying cause of disease. Get beneath the fear of the shadow, have the courage to make the darkness visible, and to look squarely at it. What is revealed is true gold.


Advice: Expand your mind

At this gateway, as you ascend out of the darkness, the centaur is your guide. It gives you instinctive horse power and the vision of the archer-cum-philosopher. Pull back the bow and, at full stretch, in full faith, loose an arrow of hope and adventure. What gives your life meaning? Consider the bigger picture of your life. What inspires you to go further than you’ve been before, to expand the possibility of who you could be? Beware of blind conviction, but have faith in your quest.


Advice:  Take your stand in the world

The determined, lusty goat gives you strength and the stamina to see something through. You will need it, for there is an important task ahead of you. Consider your mission in life, your purpose. What are you here for, and what are you doing about it? What does your life stand for and what are you prepared to take responsibility for? There is ruthless ambition lurking in the shadows here, and power struggles, so stay committed to your true purpose and focus your intention. Keep your head aligned to the stars and your feet on the ground.


Advice: Be different, make a difference

There is a fountain of youth at this gateway that can restore your vitality, if you can but see through the veil of material reality, and perceive the interconnected web of life. Recognise your inter-dependencewith others and the contribution you make. What can you offer in service to your community? Collaborate and share your uniqueness. Imagine yourself part of a dynamic matrix that takes the strain of life which ensures you don’t have to do it alone.


Advice: Let compassion be the medicine of the soul

At this gateway, there is a river flowing into a great ocean, and our soul is carried on its tides. Caught in its current, we begin to remember that we are bound like the fishes to those we love, to those who hurt us, and to those we hurt. We cannot escape it, however much we may wish to. This medicine reminds us that our joys and our sorrows are connected. Practise compassion for yourself and for others. When we hold space for our sorrows and walk together in our shared grief, what is ultimately revealed is our shared joy. Then there is nothing left to do, but love.

John Wadworth’s new book Your Zodiac Soul: Working with the Twelve Zodiac Gateways to Create Balance, Happiness & Wholeness is published by Orion Books, RRP: £14.99.


John Wadsworth has been working as a professional astrologer since 1993 and has been teaching astrology since 2000, running the Kairos School of Astrology in Glastonbury. John holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology from Bath Spa University.

John is also offering extensive free resources to accompany the book and help you interpret your own birth chart. This is available, along with the dates of his UK-wide speaking tour at

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