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Women’s sport – Nicola Adams goes for gold at Baku games and England make it to the final-16 in the FIFA World Cup

women's sport report

Phew (wipes sweat), it’s been an exhilarating week for women’s sport this week, once again we’re at it with #girlpower. This week, Healthista congratulates the England Women’s team for succeeding into the last 16 after beating Columbia 2-1 and let’s see how team GB got on at the Baku 2015 Games

Team GB at Baku 2015

A lot of medals were won by women last week at the 2015 European Games in Baku. Well done girls. In total Team GB have already won 17 medals, seven gold, three silver and seven bronze, which isn’t bad at all. Boxer Nicola Adams is determined that she will win herself at least a bronze in Azerbaijan after defeating Stoyka Petrova. ‘I’m here for gold, I want the gold and I am hoping to make history again and bring it back to Britain and that’s what I hope to do’ said Adams.

women's sport report
Nicola Adams celebrates her victory over Bulgarias Stoyka Petrova in the Women’s Boxing
Flyweight Quarter Final – Getty

So who else won a medal for Great Britain? Hannah Baughn and Ryan Bartlett won Team GB’s first gymnastic medal of the European Games after winning acrobatic mixed pair all-around bronze.

Also, a big congratulations to Team GB’s Charlie Maddock who is through to the women’s 49kg final after defeating Hungary’s Ivett Gonda 4-1 in the semis.

At last, England made it to the last-16 #WomensWorldCup

Shall we congratulate the England women’s team for succeeding to the final-16. Sorry boys I believe we have some good players here. England beat Columbia by 2-1, considering Columbia were referred as the ‘underdogs’, England did well to fight through to knock-out stages. Their rivals Norway, who have had a fantastic tournament so far have finished second in their group stages just under the favourites Germany and Norway played an excellent game finishing with a draw against Germany.

women's sport report
England’s World Cup team have never made it past the quarter-finals, but there’s hope for
the ladies after beating Columbia 2-1 – Getty

England have never made it passed the quarter-finals but with the tournament now expanded to 24 teams, they face Norway in the last 16. Head coach Mark Sampson believes England is mentally prepared to win their first Women’s World Cup knockout game. Only thing left for us to say… Good luck ladies.

The awkward moment when…

Eniola Aluka, England forward has been dropped from the Women’s World Cup last-16 against Norway after high-fiving the French coach.  Now… How bad could that be? High-fiving the coach that you lost your opening match to. But how about running off the pitch at half-time and accidentally high-fiving the France’s coach Phillippe Bergeroo thinking it was Mark Sampson, England coach. Doesn’t really sound like an honest mistake. Nonetheless, let’s see how England gets on with facing Norway tonight.

10 things you didn’t know about cycling…

It was Bike Week last week and what’s better than sharing all these facts and statistics that you didn’t know about cycling.

Athletic woman
Cyclists have fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger and have a longer life expectancy
  • 4.64 million people cycle 3+ times a week in the UK.
  • Regular cycle commuters take more than one day per year less off sick than those colleagues who don’t cycle to work.
  • Cyclists enjoy a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger and their life expectancy is 2 years above the average.
  • 22,988 cycling accidents occur every year, that’s more than 12 everyday.
  • 67 per cent of non-cyclists in Britain say it’s ‘too dangerous’ to cycle on the roads.

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