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What is ‘thermal ageing’? Our Beauty Buzzwords series continues with facialist Ada Ooi – this week, the heat sources that age you

Aromatherapist and facialist Ada Ooi, founder of 001 skincare, explains how heat sources you’re exposed to every day cause thermal ageing and what to do about it


So, what is Thermal Ageing then? 

Thermal ageing is a term that talks about how prolonged exposure to heat can accelerate the rate of our skin ageing.

What causes it? 

As we’re exposed to visible lights, UV, computer screens and other heat sources like central heating, our skin surface temperature raises from time to time.

Office worker

Our skin temperature should remain between 31 to 36 degrees, and anything above that will induce a heat reaction causing skin inflammation which contributes to ageing.

When our skin is exposed to heat for some time, our external temperature rises by one degree and our sebum secretion, (sebum is a type of lipid) raises by ten per cent causing enlarged pores.

How can I prevent thermal ageing?

If you’ve been sitting infront of the computer for a long time or under the central heating, re-balance your internal and external temperature by getting some fresh air.

office workers having walk, What is 'thermal ageing'? Our Beauty Buzzwords series continues with facialist Ada Ooi - this week, the heat sources that age you, by
Getting fresh air will help


One of Ada’s favourite 001 Skincare products that helps prevents thermal ageing is The Eyecicle £150, a glass device kept in the fridge and used to massage away puffy eyes. It’s been a favourite with A-List celebrities and their makeup artists who use it to reduce puffiness around the eyes before a concert or going on camera.

Skincare 001's Eyecicle in box, What is Thermal Ageing?, by
The Eyecicle

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ADA OOI LOW RES headshot, What is Thermal Ageing?, by Healthista.comAda Ooi is a leading London facialist and the founder of

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