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The power of PLYOMETRICS

De rigeur with trainers right now, plyometrics are powerful moves are touted as the best fat burn for your workout buck.  In this exclusive video, Jane Wake, fitness consultant and presenter on ITV Daybreak explains the fuss and how to get the new ‘plyos’ into your life

They’re high impact moves such as jumping on and off a step, jump squats or high impact lunges done with as much speed and power as you can muster. Plyometrics not only melt calories while you do them, but also after you’ve finished your workout keeping your metabolism revved for up to eight hours post-workout.  This is what is called the Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC effect, that’s the cranking up of calorie burn not only during but after a tough session of exercise. Plyometrics provide the most EPOC for your effort of any other workout.  Watch Jane’s video to learn the moves (we stole them and incorporated them into our workouts and the sweat factor went off the scale – gross but satisfying).

Jane Wake is the creator of a series of pre and post-natal DVDs and fitness expert on ITV’s Daybreak.

Jane is also the author of new book The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy Fitness MagBook £7.99.


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