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WE LOVE! The 10-Minute Body Breakthrough


A shining light in workouts for real people is the  The 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough by LA-Based Exercise Physiologist Sean Foy.

Why we love it Foy’s book contains serious evidence of its effectiveness on clients and the science he has been influenced by in formulating the workouts.  It’s also designed to be short enough to do every single day, as anyone who says they don’t have ten minutes to exercise is probably lying.  The book includes easy step by step instructions for lots of different workout combinations.  10 minutes!  Who would have thunk it?

Here’s a 10-minute workout taster:

4 Minutes High-Energy Aerobic Training (HEAT) Based on the principles of interval training, proven to burn fat fast, you can march in place, jump rope, jog on the spot/treadmill or outside or use any cardio machine in the gym.  Alternate four 30-second bouts of moderate activity with high-intensity activity to total four minutes

3 Minutes Resistance Exercise Using your own body weight (for example with lunges, press ups, squats), a medicine ball, bands or lights weights you select three basic exercises that work different muscles of your body and do as many as you can for one minute each.

2 Minutes Core-Strengthening Exercises 60 seconds each of sit-ups or stomach crunches as well as pelvic tilts and other exercise that work the tummy, lower back and pelvic area (referred to as the ‘core’).

1 Minute Stretching and Deep Breathing Exercise Simple seated and lying down stretches combined with deep inhalations and exhalations to lengthen muscles, relax the mind and boost circulation to the organs.

ten minute bookThe 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough
(£14.99 Workman from Amazon)


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