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WE LOVE: New Replay’s Hyperskin Jeans that double as leggings you can do YOGA and other fitness activities in

yoga model posing for fitness shoot we love replay leggings by healthista.

Can’t be bothered changing out of your jeans into your workout leggings in the cold winter months? Now you don’t have to… Healthista’s Yoga Girl blogger Genny Wilkinson-Priest reviews Replay’s new ‘Hyperskin’ Jeans that you can workout or do yoga in

Richard Freeman, one of the world’s most respected yoga teachers, once said that yoga destroys your sense of fashion. He is quite right. Where I once shopped at Sak’s Fifth Avenue to feed my Manolo Blahnik and Diane von Furstenberg obsession (what can I say, it was the 90’s), I now pay scant attention to what I wear, a reflection of a life of now spent in leggings and t-shirts as I practice, teach and live yoga.

girl doing yoga pose We love replay jeans by healthista

Of course it’s not just yoga that has changed the way I dress. A mortgage and four children prioritises time spent playing Monopoly and walking the dog over shopping for a pair of expensive stilettos amid the pursuit of a more meaningful life ruled less by the acquisition of ‘stuff.’ As a consequence, some days I look like shit. A sweaty Ashtanga yoga freak in torn leggings with a football under one arm and a laundry basket full of filthy athletic socks under the other.  

she was practicing yoga … in jeans. In jeans? In jeans!

And yet the urge still seizes me to look my best. As in the case when recently I spied an ad of Russian supermodel Irina Shayk practicing Warrior II. It wasn’t her beauty that caught my eye, or even the fact that her front knee was pushing forward of her heel, a violation of an essential alignment point that would send any Iyengar yoga teacher into a frenzy.   


Rather, she was practicing yoga … in jeans. In jeans? In jeans!

yoga and fitness model posing We love replay jeans by healthista

Denim brand Replay has just launched a new pair of ‘Hyperskin’ jeans that you can wear while practicing yoga or working out, breaking what they call a ‘fundamental law of the universe.’ I’m not sure about that, but the ad is really quite funny with the gorgeous Shayk literally blowing people’s minds as she sinks into Eka Pada Rajokapotasana in her jeans.


I like they way they hold my wobbly rear end in place.


Replay sent me a pair, and they live up to the (self-styled) hype.  Crucially, they look like jeans – not a cheap pair of jeggings (how I hate that word.) They feel like a pair of supportive skinny jeans minus the zip fly and structured waist. The material is thicker than you’d expect and though I’m not a huge fan of the massive belt loop, I like they way they hold my wobbly rear end in place. I felt comfortable teaching in them, and they gave good range of movement when practicing yoga though I wouldn’t recommend them for a hot yoga or Ashtanga class where you’re likely to find the density of the denim material too uncomfortable in the heat.


The truth of the matter is, I feel quite stylish in them. Carrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out.

Replay Hyperskin jeans cost £115 from House of Fraser 

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The yogi

Healthista’s yoga writer.

Genny teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga at London studio Triyoga.

Read more Healthista blogs by Genny here.


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