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Vicky Pattison flaunts new figure in series of Instagram selfies

The Geordie Shore Vicky Pattison star took to Instagram to flaunt her amazing new figure and weight loss in a series of flattering swimwear and underwear shots.

After a weight loss diet and exercise regime that saw her drop five dress sizes – shrinking from a size 16 to a slender size 6 – reality star Vicky Pattison is understandably keen to show off her new slim figure at any opportunity.

The 26-year-old posted a series of sexy selfies on Wednesday night, showing fans her hard work has well and truly paid off.

Vicky Pattison instagram new figure after weight lossThe first shot, Vicky wearing a cute white and pink matching underwear set, was captioned: ‘Couldn’t resist… #playingphotographer #selfie #noairbrush #helllaaawww.’

The second, Miss Pattison in the strappy black swimsuit she wears in the first episode of MTV’s new series Ex On The Beach: ‘For everyone asking, my gorgeous cut out swimsuit from the first Ep of @mtvex’s was from @asos_studio! Get following now guys! #fashion #rollonsunner #whosexisnext #selfie.’

Speaking about the three-stone she lost thanks to her fitness regime, Vicky told the Daily Mail: ‘I got a personal trainer and sorted my diet out. Revenge is a dish best served skinny! … I haven’t cut out any one thing – I’ve just become more sensible.

Vicky Pattison instagram new figure after weight loss 2‘I don’t eat white bread or pre-packed sandwiches. I have plenty of veg, but not so much fruit because it’s full of natural sugar. I eat sweet potatoes instead of white ones.’

We don’t blame her for showing off – if we’d managed this we’d do nothing else but post half-naked Instagram selfies.

vicky pattison before and after weight loss

Earlier this year Healthista tried out Vicky’s 7 Day Slim fitness DVD (and found out what the fuss was about – it’s HARD!), check out our review to see what we thought.

You can follow Vicky on Instagram at vicky_gshore

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