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10 healthy pancake recipes to try tonight

In celebration of Pancake Day we have complied a list of our favourite healthy pancake recipes from Youtube, so that you can join in the fun guilt-free

Let’s face it pancakes are so amazing and that’s why they have their own day. They are a versatile dish enjoyed in many countries around the world as a breakfast dish, lunch dish, dinner dish and even dessert. They are quick and simple to make and usually feature eggs, flour, milk or water, oil or melted butter, lots of sugar and syrup – a stack of 5 pancakes with toppings can exceed half of your daily intake. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, every once in a while – here are some alternative pancakes that you can incorporate into your diet so that you can have one of your favourite treats everyday of the week.

1)Banana Oat Pancakes

These are three ingredients that every Healthista is likely to have in her kitchen. Mix your eggs, banana and oats in the blender and you are good to go. Our favourite thing about this video besides the delicious pancakes was the guest appearance from Mia Stammer‘s cute little dog.

2) Matcha Green Tea Pancakes

Did somebody say Green Tea and Pancakes? Green Tea is an office favourite at Healthista towers so it wouldn’t be right not to include them in our list. We love how green these are and how Peachy Bunny Bakes walks us through every step and makes it easy for beginners.

3) Butternut Squash Pancakes

Butternut Squash has gained a lot of popularity lately with it being used as a substitute for so many traditional carbs. I’ve seen butternut squash noodles, waffles and chips and now butternut squash pancake. The great thing about Butternut Squash is that it is naturally sweet, so if you decide to kiss the syrup goodbye they are still tasty. We love Kim Hoeltje for introducing us to a pancake recipe that is only 218 calories for eight servings.

4) Vegan Banana Oat Pancakes

Don’t worry Vegans, we found you a three ingredient Banana Oat Pancake recipe too. These are really quick and easy to make and Monliza calls them ‘the perfect breakfast for a lazy new Vegan’ . We couldn’t get enough of her beautiful presentation.

5) Chocolate Banana Pancakes

Everything is good for you in moderation – including chocolate. These healthy chocolate pancakes will be a favourite in your household; you can keep them simple for yourself and jazz them up for everyone else. Kitchen Time with Neha shows us how we can feed our chocolate addictions without going over the top.

6) Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sweet potato just the ability to make you feel warm inside, so sweet potato pancakes are a dream come true. Weelicious tells us ‘sweet potatoes are great as they have potassium and beta carotene’ and we just love how she has her daughter as her kitchen assistant.

7) Spinach Protein Pancakes

Not everyone likes sweet pancakes and even those of us who do could benefit from switching it up sometimes. These spinach protein pancakes would be great for breakfast, lunch or dinner – though we aren’t to sure about dessert. We love that these spinach protein pancakes by TreatYoSelf Time! are gluten free.

8) Carrot Cake Vegan Pancakes

If you are fan of carrot cake then these carrot cake vegan pancakes are just what you need. They just look so yummy and bright – a great way to start the day or a dessert treat. Cashew cream cheese ? VegBethany has just introduced us to our possible new obsession.

9)Beetroot Vegan Pancakes

Move over red velvet pancakes, it’s all about the beetroot vegan pancake now. Though they may look the same, these beetroot pancakes are a lot more healthy. What we love about this video is that Marta Yanci does it all in 60 secs (though it is sped up so it will probably take you about 10-15 mins).

10)Raw Vegan Pancakes

It wouldn’t be a healthy alternative pancake list if we didn’t include something for are raw vegan Healthista’s. These look scrumptious and though we aren’t raw vegans, we will definitely be giving these a go. We love how decorative Sandra O made these, and they are gluten free too.

We would love to see how to you get on with these pancakes, upload a photo to Twitter (@healthistatv) or Instagram (@healthistatv) and tag us in your pancake picture. 

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