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Matt Roberts, trainer to David Cameron, Trudi Styler, Amanda Holden and Naomi Campbell

Our tip from the top this week comes from leading Personal Trainer Matt Roberts.

Matt Roberts, Personal Trainer extraordinaire and fitness entrepreneur is one busy chap. Bursting onto the scene in the 90s as the go-to man for personal training, Matt opened his first PT centre in 1995 and is now the proud owner of five bespoke training centre’s across the capital. During that time he’s managed to pen several books, create DVDs, a home fitness equipment line and a  nutritional supplements range. Sounds exhausting right?

‘Not if you love what you do’, says Matt. ‘Seeing thousands of clients walk away satisfied keeps me motivated and I am on a continuous journey to improve what we offer.

Matt practices what he preaches and combined weight sessions with running every single day.
Matt practices what he preaches and combines weight sessions with running every single day.

‘When I started the company 20 years ago, gyms were real pits and did very little to motivate anyone. My aim was always to create luxury training spaces where the service and training standards were second to none. I always keep this ideology in my mind when working on anything new.’

Inherently sporty (his father was an international footballer), Matt started out in sprinting before finding his calling as a personal trainer. And he really does practice what he preaches – training every single day – combining weight sessions with running and client sessions.

‘I recognise the need to fuel my body correctly’, says Matt. ‘I eat a clean diet – about five times a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks.’ Protein’s high up on the agenda too whilst dairy and gluten are kept to a minimum.

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But what about down days? Does the UK’s top trainer ever have mornings when only the duvet will do? ‘Not often because I love what I do,’ he says. ‘But if I do, I turn to things that make me happy – spending time with family and playing tennis (my current passion) – both great ways to relax, unwind and keep me focused.’

Matt’s tip for Healthistas:

Don’t set yourself up to fail, instead take small, realistic steps to get you towards a goal. For example if you want to run a marathon and it’s your first time, it is much more satisfying to complete 5km race than sign up for a full distance and not get around!

Find out more about Matt.

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