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‘Welcome to the gun show!’ is not something I ever expected to hear myself say. But I’ve gone from bat wings to biceps and I’m bloody delighted.  My arms don’t just look more toned but I moved house this weekend and I was lugging boxes about with the boys like a pro
The eagle eyed amongst you will notice my photo is in a new and rather minimal location.  Indeed I’m still moving house. It’s like camping in a field of boxes with no working lights or internets. But when the removal van came I shimmied SHIMMIED up and down stairs like some sort of moving day dervish and it’s all because I’m as fit and strong as I’ve ever been.
There are women who appear to fear the thought of ‘bulking up’ but I’m afraid I have little truck with that. It’s weak, literally.   My arms are very feminine, but they work better and they’re a better shape.  I am so proud of them I’m thinking of cutting the sleeves off everything I own. I want to arm wrestle Michelle Obama and Madonna simultaneously. Someone should write a poem about these swans. I have take to pointing at things while subtly flexing in the hope that someone *might* ask if have been training and I can say in all honesty ‘I work out!’ exactly like it sounds in ‘Sexy and I know it’. It hasn’t happened yet but I’m undeterred. Until then I’ll just high five strangers in the street, they might notice the definition above the elbow.
Resized Reboot Week 1 Composite
Weight 8.28 stones
Height 4 foot 11 inches
Bust 36 inches
Waist 30.5 inches
Hips 37 inches
Top of thigh 22 inches
Reboot Week 2
Weight 7 stone 10.6
Height 4 foot 11 inches
Bust 35 inches
Waist 30 inches
Hips 37 inches
Top of thigh 22
Reboot Week 3
Bust 36 inches (I have no idea why it’s gone up, boobs are funny things)
Waist 27.5 inches
Hips 36 inches
Legs 21 inches
This love of muscle is not new to me. Lets face it all muscles are love muscles. The heart is a muscle – wait,I just looked that up and apparently it’s an organ made of muscle tissue, CLOSE ENOUGH. You can’t argue with strong and toned and healthy whether you’re talking about the muscles in your heart or anywhere else.
I used to run quite a bit in the past, so at Barry’s Boot Camp I fully expected to enjoy the running and loathe the weights. Actually the reverse has been true, probably because I used to do rather gentle long distance running in parks, nothing like the sprinting on treadmills I have to do in classes at Barry’s. I loathe sprinting. Weights on the other hand are awesome. There was one hairy moment where I thought I might drop one on my face (I didn’t, thankfully, it was VERY heavy) yet the results speak for themselves.
Alli at Nourish has an incredibly posh weighing machine which measures your weight, fat/muscle percentage, and metabolic age. My muscle percentage went up 2 per cent in three weeks. That muscle is heavy so it’s not losing me weight but it’s burning more calories than fat would and it’s giving me arms I want to show the world. I’m afraid there’s no Nourish meeting update as Ali is on holiday this week but she’s left me well prepared with two weeks of menus to look forward to.  At the last meeting we had a fantastic pep talk on the importance of exercise from a fabulous lady called Bertie. She’s amazing and clearly her talk worked because at the end of last week I was feeling a bit defeated but it’s a long term thing, results don’t happen over night, fitness isn’t just about having lovely arms, there is still a long way to go!
This week’s workouts 

1 x Butt and Legs session on Tuesday

1 x Core and Abs session on Wednesday

1 x Full Body on Sunday  (I did get to sprint a 9 on the treadmill, but I won’t be doing it again in a hurry)

This week’s menu
Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs with gluten free oatcakes or yoghurt, berries oats and seeds.
Lunch – pea prawn watercress and mint salad
Dinner – Harissa spiced tuna steak with green beans and sweet potatoe wedges.
Snack – mackrel pate and gluten free oatcakes or Nourish crackers.

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